12 intriguing tips to increase your YouTube viewer count

YouTube is one such network where individuals can upload videos as per their wishes. Here the revenue system works in a way where views on the video matter the most. Hence the main target for anyone is to get maximum YouTube views. This can be achieved in many ways, the chief being by sharing it on social media. But since social media sites also receive a flurry of content, it is important your videos stand out. You can do this by using customized YouTube to Facebook thumbnail.

If you do not where to start when it comes to getting views on YouTube, here are some tips which might be of great assistance to you:

  1. Keyword rich title: The first tip is to use a title which describes your video the best in a few words, but is also incorporating the usage of all the necessary keywords.
  2. Using tags: Utilising tags for your video can help make it reach more viewers; it is similar to using SEO tactics, only in this case for getting video views.
  3. Transcripts of videos: You should look to always put in closed captions in your videos, as they will attract more viewers and even the non-native speakers. This allows your video to get picked up by YouTube’s organic ranking methods, thus getting you the much-needed views.
  4. Quality and keyword rich description: When you put all the necessary information in the description, it is more likely to attract viewers. They can simply read the tags and the description and decide if the video is worth their time.
  5. Thumbnail: This aspect is extremely crucial, perhaps the most important, as using a clever and creative thumbnail can get you hundreds of thousands of views. If you need any help, there are entire guides on how to make a customized YouTube thumbnail.
  6. Educative and entertaining content: Striking the right balance between content that educates the masses, as well as entertaining, can be vital in getting your videos views.
  7. Using cards: YouTube has this unique ability to use cards to promote other content within a video, using something called cards. You can embed links and other videos using cards.
  8. Taking advantage of viral trends: Viral trends come and go, but utilising one to get your video views is nothing to be shy about.
  9. Marquee video: You should keep a video which has over a few thousand views as your primary video, so people see it when they click on your channel.
  10. Making playlists: When you curate playlists, audiences will have a good idea what the videos are going to be about, thus giving them a lot to watch.
  11. Using social media: This is the most important tool when it comes to promoting your video. Sites such as Facebook can be crucial in helping your videos achieve viral status.
  12. Patience: Perhaps the most important lesson, when it comes to making YouTube Videos. You have to keep uploading consistently and without fail, one day you are bound to get those views and become famous.

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