4 Amazing Tips to Make Your House Smell Fresh

What if I told you I can show you how to make your house smell amazing with things you already have at home for very little money?

Fresh it Up

Obviously you been to the perfume department in a fancy department store so many times. You’ve probably seen little cups with popping grind sitting out or coffee beans. And then you just give a quick smile between perfumes and that helps cleanse your palate 12 coffee grinds can actually help deodorize any space in your home.

Since you are wondering about How to Improve Indoor Air Quality, just make sure you put them into a bowl or an open air container. Stick them anywhere that you need deodorizing your closets or drawers and just leave it there. You’ll see the coffee grind start to absorb all of that odor. You can change it out regularly, these won’t surely smell like coffee but those odors will be gone.

Stove top simmer

It’s a great way to make your entire house. Just boil up some nice smelly ingredients in a pot with water or you can also do this in a crock pot and let it simmer all day. The concept is the same fill your vessel halfway with water had any combination of nice ingredients like you can go for cinnamon, oranges and vanilla extract.

You can just bring this to a boil or maybe just heat your slow cooker on low. Let the slow cooker sit all day & simmer. Once this has hit the boil, just bring it down to simmer so you can let that go for a couple of hours. If it’s the pot on the stove, make sure it’s attended.

Baking Soda

It’s great for cleaning but it is even better for deodorizing. There’s no science behind it but it’s simply a master when it comes eradicating odors. Dump some of it into a container, put this anywhere around the house and it will simply absorb odors. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why people love putting baking soda in the fridge. Or maybe you can do like just put some baking soda in the sachet and put this in the sock drawer or closet, it will really help remove odors.

How about using baking soda on soft surfaces like carpet and upholstery. It’ll surely work great for you. Just sprinkle it on there, leave it for 10-20 minutes and then vacuum it up. Baking soda will help with dirt to the surface but it will also take any orders with it.

Vanilla Works Great

Believe it or not, people just love the vanilla vibes. For people looking for the ways on how to Improve Indoor Air Quality, can just make an amazing vanilla extract. Here is a great way you can use to make a vanilla extract to help make your fridge smell better.

There are two things you can do;

  • You can wipe plastic interior parts of your fridge down with a little bit of vanilla extract on a paper towel. This will helps neutralize odors and as the plastic is porous, this will really help.
  • You can soak a couple of cotton balls in vanilla extract. Leave that in a ball just open air in the fridge somewhere and it will help neutralize the odors as well.



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