4 Earrings that are light-weight and easy to wear

Lightweight earrings are desired by most of the women who are looking for something that can be worn throughout the day and won’t cause cuts or put heaviness on the earlobes. Well, if you are confused as to which earrings are best and easy to wear, then you just dropped at the right place.

Listed below are the four different types of earrings which are light-weight and easy to wear for different occasions. Read further to know more:


  1. Studs

Studs are one of the versatile choices in earrings that can be availed in a variety of metals ranging from diamonds, gold, stones, and artificial stuff as well. Also, the designs are also quite vast in them and often vary from floral, geometrical shapes, to character shapes as well and the best part is that now you can buy earrings online. With them, you would never get tired of experimenting and on top of it, they are lightweight which means that you can wear them for the entire day without putting a burden on your ears. Studs are available in different sizes and would never fail to enchant you whenever you want to wear them for traditional or formal occasions. People who have long and narrow faces should definitely try these earrings that they give your face the much-needed attention, however, the ones with an oval and round faces need to be a bit careful in their choices as these might look too bold at times.

  1. Hoop earrings

Hoops can be availed in both small as well large sizes and are lightweight as they are made in a round metal wire. These are perfect for everyday use and especially for college-going girls who are looking for some quirky earrings. Hoops can be found in a wide variety of finishes right from gold, silver, and copper. Although these are not preferred for people with circular faces, people with square and long faces go wear them without even thinking twice. Make sure that you wear the hoop size according to your outfit and the occasion otherwise you might create a fashion blunder without even knowing about it.

  1. Thread earrings

Thread earrings are the lighter version of drop earrings and often come in embellished pearls and beads. These can be carried off on any occasion be it formal or traditional. Moreover, for if you have an office party and want to go for something minimalistic, then thread earrings are your go-to option. The design of these earrings is such that there is a thin chain which hangs loosely from the earlobe and falls downward. The thread earrings are perfect for people with round faces that they would give an elongated look although they would go well with almost every face type.

  1. Fish hook earrings

Fish hook earrings are perfect for everyday use and come in a wide variety of designs that hang loose on the front side. If you are looking for something that would go with any of your everyday outfits, these are preferably the most favorite choice among them. The fish hook earrings are often available in contemporary designs and are perfect for any outfit which is western or Indo-western.

These were the four different varieties of earrings that are both lightweight and easy to wear and certainly perfect for all purposes. With so many designs and styles in earrings available these days you can easily pick the one for you from both online as well as offline stores. Hurry and get them all in your jewellery box so that you never fall short of earrings to wear on different occasions. Happy shopping!

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