4 Keys to Getting Backlinks Indexed

SEO Description: Getting your backlinks indexed is a tough task. Not every concern knows the tactics of getting their indexing faster. Here we present the four key paths, that way you can find the easier way to the same.

SEO is changing every day with new opportunities along with new complexities. Midst of all these we are incessantly trying to beat the search engines with all the power we have. However, one can’t possibly beat it, so what we do, we join them. Joining Google is not possible, so we put our effort into beating then in the arms race of SEO Service.

While changes are not ceasing, keeping one thing constant and that is the need of links for your respective website, and that to be visible in Google’s algorithm. You must know that without links Google can’t work properly, for that reason you need good and efficient backlinks. On the other hand, if you’re constantly building links, and Google isn’t aware of it, it would of no use at all.

Outstanding quality induced, those with authority like The New York Times, become indexed on the same day it is published. These links tend to get indexed all by themselves, and normally at a 100% rate. However, it’s just an example normal SEO can’t have that kind of backlinks for them, so we have to be satisfied with low-quality links. Even if they’re low-quality links, but they are enlisted in the natural profile of links. These low-quality ones face a bigger issuer and that is they can’t get themselves indexed.

Indexing Links

Normally the quality links get indexed around 9%. Which stands to this that 91% of the link building is going into an ashtray, along with all the efforts, time and money. However, we have a simple solution for you, and that is if you want your backlinks to be supercharged and that to be found by Google, indexing is the right and inexpensive way to achieve that.

There are 4 keys to it and you can use them for this process.

  1. Post Your Links to a Relevant Site

Authority is always lucrative and powerful. Everyone is after that. However, if you’re simply not on the authoritative page, but you want your links to get indexed naturally, put your links into the powerful site. Your links will get indexed naturally with that site. In this process, you also have to make sure that you’re linking your links to a relevant site. If you post your links to just any big site or into any site you come across, your relevancy will go down, and the links will definitely not get indexed. You have to check if the authority link’s contents are of any much with yours, which means they have to be relevant enough to be linked with you. This kind of sites include niche blogs and the blogs who accept guest blogs too. One of the most important ways of getting links is to analyze your competitors. Find out from where they are getting the links, you will surely get the links you were looking for.

  1. Quality Content

You need to have some unique and quality content for your links to get indexed properly and fast. If you use duplicate and spun contents the indexing of your backlinks are ought to become complex.

Quality Content

If your contents are the best, the shares and engagement you will receive. However, the site you’re about to post your links to, they are highly authoritative one, and they don’t take trash from anyone. For the same reason, they set some content posting rule, like relevancy, engagement and superior quality content. Otherwise, your content links will not get indexed in any way. If you can provide that type of quality content to those websites you will get better links and your links will get indexed faster than you ever thought. To help you there are so many tools to polish your contents and make them a flawless piece and ready to post that on that site.

  1. Two Tier Links

If you want your link to be visible in Google you have to try out the two-tier link thing. This two-tier linking is a strategic process of earning traffic for your website, or the link indexing from your website.

Two Tier Links

In the biggest site, you can put a link for indexing purpose. Then you can surely link that particular link with your website. It’s a simple task, and you don’t have to worry about the link anymore because it will be indexed naturally, and that link will have a backlink to your Facebook profile or to your website. If you’re a big company you can use this two-tier link for your website contents. However, if you’re a small concern you can use these links for guest blogs, and social media events. In this case, first tier links are fine to work with. This two-tier links also helps the indexation with Google, and that can lead to the next one.

  1. Submit the Link to Google

You are all set to index your links to a relevant site. You have your best and polished content. With your two-tier links. Now your work will be to submitting the links to Google. Put your URL in Google search console. However, always remember, no matter how amazing content you have written, it’s still under the radar of Google. It will crawl later, the submission process is only the request part to Google. It also a huge chance of getting faster indexation for your links.

Submit the Link to Google
Submit the Link to Google

All these tactics are highly efficient and they work the best if you can implement them the way it’s mentioned above. However, all these processes still take a lot of time and money. Think about it, while you’re doing all of these things for the indexing of your links, you’ve got to spend some extra money and give your undivided attention, which becomes a little too tough. As you are the business person you have a lot more other works to take care of. Still, it’s really significant to get your links indexed, and that to really faster. You naturally can’t have higher links, so apparently, you have to work with low-quality ones and link them to an authority site.

Author Bio: Naveen Kumar is presently working in one of the best web development companies located in India. He has vast knowledge in web designing services and presently working in a senior-most position at JDM web technologies. His outstanding knowledge and hold on this subject has helped him to reach the position where is standing today. He loves to share his knowledge with others and so prefers to write blogs and articles related to web design and Web Development Services and web designing companies India.

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