5 Essential ACL Reconstruction Surgery Recovery Tips

The rehab time taken for ACL reconstruction is around 6 to 9 months and some might even take longer time. Following the given below tips is sure to help the patient to witness quick increase in the recovery rate.

Factors affecting ACL recovery rate

Some of the factors are given below:

  • Damage extent caused to ACL at the time of initial injury.
  • Knee and leg strength prior to having surgery
  • Rehab amount combined with post operative physiotherapy to be participated actively
  • Medical complications faced during or after the surgery
  • Skill level of the surgeon and procedure conducted

Useful tips to follow

The best ACL reconstruction treatment in India availed from the surgeons combined with proper consultation from the experts can help the person to recover soon.

  • Use hamstring from donor or the patient’s other leg: If donor is not available, then the patient can minimize the damage caused to the injured leg. It is done by taking hamstring from the other leg, which in turn improves significantly the time taken to use the leg to walk.
  • Regular pain management: It is tough to manage pain. With successful pain management, the patient will be able to perform certain types of exercises that will be essential to recover from ACL surgery quickly as well as to maintain the timeline. For effective pain management, the right thing to undertake is to set timer and avail regular medication.
  • Reduce knee swelling: In ACL recovery, swelling reduction in the knee region immediately after the surgery does make a huge difference. Sooner the swelling is diminished, the sooner can the rehab exercises be started efficiently. The following is to be practiced to reduce swelling
    • Adequate rest
    • elevate
    • compress
    • ice

Cyro cuff is also recommended and it can be used all the time. Circulation is to be ensured and it should not be extremely cold, if the plan is to sleep along with it.

  • Focusing on motion range: It is the very first exercise and doing so can help the patient to progress on to the other latter prescribed exercises. Many assume that motion does not range directly ties with strength loss. But the fact is just the reverse. On having sufficient motion range, the person is able to walk and with walking, atrophy rate declines significantly.
  • Set goals for success: Setting up goals and objectives can help the person to make best use of the time. It can be difficult to stay motivated and focus to recover quickly if proper and realistic goals are not set with stipulated deadline to achieve. If the surrounding things are included, then recovery period can be shortened and much useful.
    • Pain medication
    • Food
    • Water
    • Movies/TV
    • Alarm clock / timer
    • Music
    • Phone
    • Books

ACL surgery recovery is possible within the shortest time possible only by following the health expert prescribed goals and objectives. The timeline can help the person to stay motivated and achieve quick success.

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