5 Things That You Shouldn’t Do While Using Cold Pressed Juicers

Cold pressed juicers are fast becoming popular as people are realizing the benefits of cold pressed juices over the centrifugally extracted juices. Having juice is no doubt healthy, but it needs to be made fresh. The readymade juices available in the supermarket are not preferred by health freaks as they contain preservatives and added sugar.

Having a juicer machine at home is a mandatory requirement.  Both centrifugal juicers and cold-pressed juicers are available in the market. As heat is generated in centrifugal juicers, it oxidizes the nutrients present and the juices so obtained are not considered to be of good quality. The juices are ripped off their nutrients, vitamins, minerals and even fibres.

Cold Pressed Juicers
Cold Pressed Juicers

The juices that are prepared by cold pressed juicers are considered to be of the best quality and thus people are increasingly opting for these juicers.

There are, however, a few things that you shouldn’t do while using these juicers.

  • Don’t install the juicer without washing all the detachable components. If not, some dust or dirt might get into the juice.
  • Before you put the cup in place, ensure that the sealing plug of the pulp hole is properly installed. If it is not secured properly, it might lead to an outflow of juice or uneven discharge of pulp. After you are sure that it is installed properly, put the cup on the motor and secure it. For securing it in position, rotate it clockwise till the time you hear a click, which ensures that the cup is secured properly.
  • Do not push the impeller forcefully. The impeller presses the chopped pieces in the feeder tube. As cold-pressed juicers work at relatively slow speed, it will take some time for the pieces to go down. If you push it forcefully, it will not only impact the juice quality, but the juicer might also stop working. Always make use of the impeller to press the pieces down. Don’t try to use your fingers or any other object to push it under any circumstance.
  • Don’t use fruits that are starchier in nature like bananas, papayas, figs and mangoes for making the juices. Instead, use fruits and vegetables that are juicy in nature. While you can use thin-skinned fruits with their skin, you should peel and then juice fruits and vegetables like watermelon, pineapple and beetroot. When trying to juice leafstalks like that of coriander and lettuce, insert small quantities at a time.
  • Don’t overload the juicer machine. The juicer can stop working if it is overworked or overloaded. In case you have loaded too much of stuff, you need to turn off the appliance. Now rotate its knob in the anticlockwise direction. This will help in making the spiral squeezer spin in the opposite direction. This helps in releasing the ingredients that get stuck between the filter screen and the squeezer. Once the squeezer gets free, again rotate back the knob to ‘0’ position and restart the juicing process.

If you avoid doing the above things in your cold-pressed juicer machine, it will extend the lifespan of the appliance. You can use it for long without any hassles.

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