8 super ways to make your apartment more presentable

The days of tapestries and movie posters are long gone. It’s about time you add some personality to the apartment without overspending and here’s how to whip the place in shape;

  1. Befriends with paint

If landlord allows, paint an accent wall with something bright that appeals. Chalkboard paint is a good option for rather a more creative apartment living and much better than writing with a permanent marker. In case you aren’t allowed to dye the walls, alternatives such as paint chips are good for wall décor. Or, hang temporary “wallpaper” using liquid starch and thread. Like painting, this would have a big impact especially in smaller rooms.

  1. Interesting wall hanging

A pattern here and another there, this is the easiest and perhaps most noticeable way to improve overall apartment aesthetic. If you’ve a collection of some sort, mount it on the wall, group small things together to make them more organised and intentional.

Frame something related to your hobby or profession for instance, an old music sheet if you’re a musician, ad or magazine clipping if you work in an advertising agency and so on. Other great preferences for wall hanging are beer bottle caps, ticket stubs from an event, maps and playing cards.

  1. Bring in the outdoor

Head to the nearest public park and pick up some pine cones or a couple of tree branches as long as it doesn’t violate the laws. Bring them home and put them in a bowl, vase or a jar for interesting table décor. Other free decor options include paper weights, book ends and rocks that make cool door stops. For less-rugged look, buy an indoor plant that easily come under $10!

  1. A purposeful picture frame

Take an old picture frame, make a tray and use it to hold the contents of the coffee table. It’s the best and most creative way to turn clutter into meaningful items instead of discarding them in the bin. Make a tray from an old photo frame by placing a decorative paper piece in the centre and stick metal hands to each side!

  1. Find some wooden crates

Wooden crates are incredibly versatile and you can have them for free if the local shops can lend without any fuss. Fill an existing shelf with these wooden crates for an instant enclosed storage line-up top of the cabinet to hide extra items. Display knick-knacks by mounting the crates on the wall!

  1. Rearrange the space

Move things to unexpected places like bringing the bedside lamp in the kitchen for welcoming atmosphere. Choose random decorative items and redistribute them at different places. You’ll be surprised at the contrast that adds appeal to your apartment living and overall interior. Group each item per the colour or theme for a more unified look.

  1. Switch the old hardware

Although landlords may be unwilling to spend high on drawer pulls and cabinet handles, high quality hardware really sparks optimistic change. Bring in some cool stainless steel hardware from a home depot and don’t hesitate spending a little bit here; think of it as a long-term investment.  You can always switch back to the old knobs before moving out of the apartment or simply install trendy ones.

  1. Limit the clutter

This is perhaps the best and free-of-cost way to make your space more presentable and inviting. Discard the junk, donate the stuff you no longer use and keep things organised. For mismatched furniture, no need buying new one but repaint the collection. It’s all pretty much achievable only if you dedicate a day to curbing the clutter.


In the end, a word of favour for one company that helps renters in finding apartments for rent in Dubai, for providing such insightful information. All of this may sound daunting but not impossible! Be resourceful, inventive and think out of the box to improve your apartment without emptying the wallet. To keep the process streamlined, always take approval from owner of the apartment and share blueprint of the proposed changes before you begin!

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