A Guide to Efficiently Use Your Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A wet cum dry cleaner is relatively new in the home landscape. Earlier, it was used only in the commercial premises. A wet dry vacuum cleaner can not only vacuum up dry dirt and debris but also clean liquid spills. This versatile function makes it a very convenient tool for domestic use.

The vacuuming mechanism of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is simple. It uses two bucket systems that are used for separating the liquid waste from the solid waste. They also have a blower function that expels air rapidly as well as draws it in. If you are a novice to using wet dry vacuum cleaner, here’s a brief guide to sail you through using it effectively.

Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner

Remove Stagnant Water

The hose is a crucial component of a vacuum cleaner. Removing stagnant water from the hose is the most important thing to do. Begin with putting the hose into a bucket and switch on the vacuum cleaner. Shortly afterwards, you can let it air-dry in the open. This is important so that there are no blockages during the functioning of the vacuum cleaner.

Choose the Right Filter

The next crucial step is to make sure that you are using the right kind of filter. The best in the market is the HEPA filter that drastically reduces the indoor air pollution and traps dust that usually escapes when it is discharged from the container.

Use the Right Attachments

Each vacuum cleaner is equipped with several attachments designed to serve a specific purpose. The flexible hose can be adjusted to be fixed on the air intake duct using the suction function or the tube can be increased in length when cleaning the corners that are practically impossible to reach while cleaning conventionally. A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is designed to perform multiple cleaning tasks, which is why they come with accessories like:

  • Crevice Tool- Ideal for cleaning surfaces like radiators, couch corners, under the couch and in between cushion
  • Floor Brush– Ideal for cleaning hard and wooden floor as well as carpets
  • Wet Brush- This is used for wet cleaning. A flat nozzle crevice tool can facilitate the cleaning of the wet floor.

Exhaust Portion

The exhaust part is an additional feature in wet dry vacuum cleaners. They have the ability to blow air out of the hose, which can be used to dry a wet surface too. A blower function is crucial for outdoor cleaning. For example, it can be used to unclog the sink and bathtubs or to clean wet spills.

Safety Measures

The electrical components of a vacuum cleaner are completely insulated and hence safe to use. However, there are a few precautionary measures to be followed when cleaning:

  • Avoid using the vacuum cleaners near heaters or radiators
  • Maintain electrical safety by operating with dry hands
  • The HEPA filter must be washed twice a year in lukewarm water for effective cleaning
  • It is advisable to use only the manufacturer’s attachments
  • While cleaning, do not move around the appliance with the hose as it can lead to spillage

Hope the above guide helps you use your wet dry vacuum cleaner rightly. It can be used for many years if maintained appropriately. It is best to follow the safety standards prescribed by the manufacturer. When purchasing a wet dry vacuum cleaner, make sure to weigh more on the brand-value and the aftersales service provided by the manufacturer.

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