Alcohol during Pregnancy: The noxious substance for maternal heath

Pregnancy is a heart-warming and extremely special stage of your life that makes it difficult to express our feelings. Happiness and excitement releases from every pore of our skins. It is symbolic to a new birth of the mother and the sensations and experiences are overwhelming. The feeling of being pregnant can be intimidating at certain moments and mood swings can be unbearable. Keeping aside the problems, the feeling of baby, budding inside, is beyond expressions and words.

It is important to know that there are certain do’s and don’ts to be followed strictly while you are conceiving or trying to conceive. Alcohol while pregnancy is a big no. It is extremely harmful in any form and any amount at any time. Even beer or wine is not allowed, because with the mother, her baby also drinks that substance passes through the bloodstream, crosses the placenta and reaches the umbilical cord that ties both the mother and baby, which is almost equal to poison for the innocent unborn creature. Even at times when you are trying to get pregnant, you should strictly avoid any alcoholic drinks, as you might get pregnant and expose your baby between the first four weeks to this harmful drink.

Alcohol during pregnancy leads to serious health implications like miscarriage, stillbirth, deformity, abnormalities, dysfunctionalities of body organs, hyperactive behavior etc. It can hinder the developing of a foetus into a baby and its organ formation. It leads to the dangers of spontaneous abortions and birth of a baby without a life. The baby’s brain grows throughout pregnancy and it is extremely important to stop immediately if you haven’t. It is never too late to stop and it is better to be safe than sorry.

There might be problems where you cannot stop drinking even when you desperately want to. This calls for immediate medical care from local healthcare providers and alcohol treatment centers. The teratogenicity of alcohol proves that it is not at all beneficial for the embryo and fetal development. Conclusive studies have shown the negative effects of alcohol consumptions. They include fetal alcohol syndrome, mental retardation, mental and behavioral abnormalities. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), as described by the experts, deals with all the problems related to exposure of unborn baby to alcohol. Further, in future these babies need constant therapies to behave normally and develop their maximum potential.

All the pregnancies and it is quite a possibility that some babies are born completely normal while others are born with some abnormalities, even from the same mother. So, it is better to avoid something that is capable of harming your little one as much as possible as the minimum safe dosage has not been established yet. One might be attending social gatherings with family and friends and may have the urge to drink along with others. At this point of time, one should only think about the baby growing inside them and prefer to drink fruit juices, instead.

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