All about the Heart Diseases, Their Causes, and Their Treatment

With the increase in the rate of pollution, we are also exposed to many heart diseases for free. The harmful substances present in the air when being taken in by us then many diseases a malfunctioning arises in the heart. The constant elevation of the rat of pollution has now led things like the heart diseases to be the major concern of people nowadays.

But with the increase in the possibility of acquiring diseases they medical science has also shown considerable development. The invention of two things has majorly brought the change, and the development of the heart surgery procedure and they are the heart-lung machines and the cooling techniques.  Best heart surgery doctors in India must be chosen for such cases.

Description of the heart-lung machines

The machine is called Cardiopulmonary Bypass Machine. Previously the open heart surgeries were not possible as there were different things which did not favour the operations completely. It was a matter o great concern that if the heart is operated then how the pumping of the blood can be continued. Later on, with the invention of the machine, it was possible.

So basically the function of the heart-lung machine is to replace the function of the heart and perform the pumping action. This means there can be an operation of the heart conducted and at the same time, there is also no shortage of the blood. Thus it performs all the functions of the heart and the lungs.

The machine carries the blood from the atrium to a specially designed oxygenator which is the blood reservoir. The oxygenator helps to purify the blood that is it adds oxygen to the blood. After this process of addition of the oxygen, the colour of the blood which is dark red becomes bright red. Then the blood is passed through a purifier whose job is to remove the air bubble present in the blood.

This makes the blood ready to be distributed all over the organs in the body. Thus through a plastic tube, the blood is conducted to the aorta which helps to provide the freshly oxygenated blood to all the parts of the body. There are some special technicians designated to operate the machine during the bypass surgery. They are known as perfusion technologists.

The description of the cooling techniques

This method is used to lower the body temperature of the patient so that there is scarcely any requirement of oxygen. The heart has to be still while the open heart surgery is conducted. In this process there are almost no injuries caused to the heart cells:

  • Blood can be cooled when they are passed through the filter of the heart-lung machine.
  • The heart can also be cooled by the pouring of the cold saline water on to it.

There is a different process to get away from the diseases and recover soon, but one must always make sure that the choice of the best heart surgery doctors in India so that the recovery speeds up to the maximum.

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