Axis mutual fund is one of the top asset management companies in India, which launched its first mutual fund in 2009. It focuses on creating long term wealth and maintaining long term relationship with investors.

In the year 2009, Axis Mutual Fund launched its first mutual fund scheme to its investors and afterward, it became popular and started expanding speedily. Moreover, it has marked its presence worldwide in several foreign countries such as China, USA, UK, and Sri Lanka.

There are some of the best schemes introduced by the Axis Mutual funds and more than 20 lakh investors have their investment account with Axis Mutual funds (AMF). The product suite of Axis Mutual funds includes 50 schemes which are divided as per the structure.

At present, there are various schemes and investment plans offered by Axis Mutual funds. But to choose the best scheme from the list is quite difficult especially if you are a beginner, isn’t it? Well, the most popular and leading investment option is Axis Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

If you choose to invest your money in Axis Mutual funds through SIP, then possibly there are maximum chances of receiving a satisfactory return. There are certain advantages of investing money in Axis Mutual Funds through SIP such as:

  1. There’s an Organized Investment if you subscribe to Axis mutual fund through SIP. In simpler terms, an investor can make regular and automatic investments in their choice of mutual fund scheme. It obviously includes long term investments for maximum wealth and returns.
  2. Another advantage of investing your money in Axis SIP is that there’s Pliant Investment Amount which clearly means the investor can invest money according to their flexibility. Even an investment amount of as low as Rs.500 can give significant returns.
  3. Axis mutual funds through SIP are beneficial for investors thanks to adjustable Investment Duration. Axis SIP offers flexible investment duration or tenure as short as 6 months. After a certain SIP tenure period, the investor can modify the duration and amount of the SIP.
  4. If you want to earn maximum returns in Axis SIP, then staying invested in it for Long-term can be advantageous. If you stay invested in the Axis SIP for longer a period, then you can gain the benefits of compounding.


Some of the best performing Axis SIP plans which are potentially ideal for the investors are mentioned below:

  1. Axis Equity Fund– Through the fund’s equity investments, the investor gets an opportunity to earn potentially high returns. There is a diversified portfolio in Axis Equity Fund which features primarily equity investments.
  2. Axis Midcap Fund– The main motive behind designing the Axis Midcap Fund is to provide investors with an opportunity to make investments derived from equity and mainly targeting the biggest companies in the mid-cap category.
  3. Axis Equity Saver Fund– If you are seeking for a balanced portfolio of investments, then Axis Equity Saver Fund is the appropriate choice for you. Axis Equity Saver Fund is the top rated hybrid fund which definitely renders income to investors and a suitable level of capital appreciation. The investment will be done purely in equity and equity derivatives as well as in the debt and money market instruments.
  4. Axis Focused 25 Fund– There are majorly 25 companies listed in the domestic exchange which mainly deals with equity and equity derivatives. Axis Focused fund is an open-ended equity scheme with an objective of investing in equities.

So, these were the best performing Axis Systematic Investment plans. You can choose the best Axis Mutual fund scheme through SIP according to the investment duration and amount as per your budget.

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