Characteristics you Must look when hiring Occupational Health Professional

Appointing an operational health professional or service provider is a critical responsibility of every organization. Though finding the right vendor in the first attempt is even more critical. Hiring an occupational health professional is different from recruiting regular staffing in your firm. After observing company requirements, enterprises may either select a fulltime in-house resource or delegate this responsibility to a service provider and nominate a person to communicate with the vendor.

If an organization has implemented standard Operational Health and Safety Management System, it will have to follow extra legislation and compliance to appoint an accredited health professional. Here I am sharing few of the essential attributes you must look to employee right candidate.

High level of competency

Though competency is the primary requirement for every job, it becomes mandatory when hiring a professional to ensure employee wellness in the workplace. He/she must be able not only to run the standard health and safety system but also capable to handle employee fitness issues individually. In addition possessing a good understanding of the industry and standard processes, they must be mentally strong enough to decide and set priorities to efficiently take care of wellbeing and safety of core task force.

Besides this, they should have good understanding of compliance and legislation issues to protect organizations from paying fines. You can expect this level of responsible behavior only from a qualified person with strong decision power.

Confident attitude and reliable personality

When it comes to recruiting staff, inexperienced employers often ignore checking the personality attributes of applicants. They primarily focus on education and relevant skills regarding the job. Though checking qualification is critical, reviewing personal attributes is also essential. Confident attitude, compassion and trustworthiness become essential personality characteristic for healthcare professionals. They are actively involved in implementing health and safety processes across the organization, which is why it is necessary for them to win the trust and respect from rest of the employee. 

Enthusiasm and good communication skills

Leader attitude has a great impact on the attitude of a team member. If leading person is enthusiastic with good communication skills, he will convey the same to his team. However, medical care professionals are not directly leading the team; they are associated with them regarding maintaining good fitness levels, safety and hygiene at the workplace. They should possess good presentation skills to provoke the sense of urgency about the issues. Besides this, good communication and teaching skills are also mandatory to carry out training sessions and seminars to raise awareness among employees.

Good relationship building capabilities

Friendly attitude and relationship building skills are a plus point for medical care professionals. If a practitioner is a people person, he will engage employees throughout the session and develop a sense of responsibility in their mind to follow the company policy. In addition to friendly and pleasant personality they also have all the skills, tactics, diplomacy and insight to bring people attention to the health and hygiene issues.

Endnote: Occupational health professionals have become an important resource for organizations, especially for organizations where taskforce regularly expose to factors, which may cause fitness issues.

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