What are Child Custody laws in Australia?

An overview of Australia’s child custody laws are discussed here and it gives complete fact sheet of the child custody, child support, and family law.

The original act on child custody law was in the 1975 Act and after that, there were some amendments in it. Frequent changes in laws are evident and due to change in government, the changes can be seen.

Some of the changes in 2006 which were done by Liberal government are:

–    A progression towards compulsory mediation.It is done before the Court proceedings can be filed and this is an effort to ensure that the matters will not reach litigation

–    In-depth examination of the issues involving family violence, child abuse or neglect

–    More importance is placed on child’s family and social connections

–    It is always presumed that both the parents have equal parental responsibility and unequal parenting time

–    A meaningful life is important and after the parents are divorced they are usually being at risk of violence or neglect. So, it is important to have a meaningful life after the separation and it is always encouraged.

How does Family Law apply to children?

There are some important things which one should be aware before you are a separating parent?

–    Usually, all matters which are related to children are circled around, with whom the child will ‘live’ or ‘stay’ with after getting divorce

–    The concept of custody which simply means that where your child stays, is being abolished

–    Both the parents are responsible for the upkeep of the child, irrespective of the fact that parents are still a couple or not

–    If Court is allocating unequal sharing of time then it must allocate significant or substantial time allocation

How to assess the best rights for the child?

The ruling of Family law must be considered to the fact that it should be in the best interests of the child.

–    Any wishes can be expressed by the child. The other factors which are considered when the judgment regarding child is made are age of the child and the level of maturity of the child

–    During custodial arrangement sometimes a practical difficulty can arise, which are financial expense, educational obstacles, and lifestyle maintenance

–    Any history of family violence

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