Click Pictures like a Professional with Your Android Phone

We all have those friends who have a collection of DSLR clicked pictures taken by a professional photographer. And at one point or the other, we all have wondered if this is the only way we can get ourselves a good picture? Generally, those friends of you are either in an industry that requires pictures like these for their portfolio or they have loads of cash. Either way, for most of us it is a costly affair and getting a DSLR quality picture is a dream far from reality. But what if there is a cheaper way you can create a masterpiece? The only thing you need to carry is your smartphone and follow these tips and tricks to get the desired result:

Android Phone

  1. Landscape Orientation to the Rescue

Although it is just about tilting your phone from portrait mode to landscape but it makes a huge difference in how your pictures will look. You can fit more into your photograph and so the number of elements that you can play with also increases. All in all, when you view the pictures, it looks much better than in a portrait mode.

  1. Use Natural Light to the Fullest

You can always opt for LED flash on your phone but if you have ever clicked a picture in natural light then you will never want to go back to anything else. The pictures you will get because of natural light will be brighter and have true-to-life colours in them. So find a place in an open area with sunlight or if you are indoors then search for a window and click amazing pictures.

  1. An Angle Can Change the Meaning of your Picture

One factor that makes a picture of a mountain stand out among all the pictures of mountains is the angle from which it is taken. The term used by photographers for this is ‘composition’ which is all about using all the elements in your photo correctly to tell a story. Divide your frame into lines and focus in such a way that all the elements that you are about to cover in the picture are sitting along those lines. Also, instead of just holding your phone, look for what’s in the foreground and background of your shot in order to add more visual interest, also keeping in mind that you are not letting any distractions enter your frame.

  1. Play with the Negative Space

Negative space is the area around and between the subject of the shot. So when your picture has a lot of negative space then that means your subject will be on focus and hence a more impactful photo will be clicked. A negative space mainly comprises of an open sky, water, an open field or a large wall.

  1. Find Symmetrical Patterns

Symmetry gives us a sense of completion and satisfaction. And as much as pleasing it is to see, it is also very simple to find symmetrical locations. You just have to make sure the image can be divided in half and they have to be mirror images of each other.

  1. Avoid Zooming In

Instead of zooming into the picture, take the subject closer to your phone. This will prevent your picture from becoming grainy, blurry or pixelated.

  1. Candid Pictures be the Best

Capturing those perfect moments which tell you a story without the people looking directly into the camera is one of the best pictures. The reason why we find ‘caught in the moment’ photos so appealing is because they capture the true essence and emotion of the moment. For this, you might have to click multiple pictures in a row but one of these is bound to become ‘the’ one.

  1. Small Details Make Huge Impacts

If you are able to capture small, intricate and delicate details of a scene then you have created a masterpiece. You can start with textures and patterns to capture this compelling content on your phone.

Although these tips and tricks are more than enough to click pictures like a professional but at the end of the day if your smartphone is of bad quality then all these efforts will go in vain. A phone with a quality of around 13 megapixels would be an ideal requirement for this. Generally, phones with this quality are costly but thankfully there are phone brands like Panasonic India (Panasonic Eluga Ray 500 and Eluga Ray 700), Vivo India and Motorola India who provide you all of this and better and that too in an affordable range. So all that is left for you is to pick up your smartphone and apply these tips & tricks on it.

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