Colocation services: Six tips to select the best vendor

Perhaps you can’t afford to outsource data storage to a third party datacenter, may be due to the confidentiality of files and information you are dealing with. Other options you are left with are either expanding existing infrastructure or choosing a data center colocation service to execute growing data storage requirements. Colocation is a valuable strategy that offers not only the convenience to execute daily operations, but it also helps to achieve required efficiency without breaking your budget.

However, picking suitable vendor is long and difficult decision for many business owners. Several service providers are claiming to offer best services at reasonable service charges, which can confuses clients and push them to make typical mistakes. Basic rule of making a sensible choice is to identify unique needs of company and clients.

Selection of a collocated environment for data center can offer numerous benefits for enterprises, only if the vendor is capable to address current needs of IT system.

Here I am sharing few tips to help you select this cost effective and efficient strategy to make your system efficient.

Identify your company needs first

Before you speak to different service providers, focus to identify your needs. Either you only need a space to collocate your servers or you require a full range of data hosting and disaster recovery solution. Make sure you are receiving the same level of support you are expecting from vendor, as this is necessary to maintain a good relation with your service provider in the long term. 

Find the right location

The physical location of the service provider is extremely important. Always pick an easily accessible place. In the case of disaster, your first priority is to retrieve files as soon as possible. Ideally, the facility should not be located unreasonably far at the strange area, which make you think twice to visit the facility. Also, it should not be located in the geographical region where natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes are likely to occur frequently. Obviously, service providers consider these aspects while building their setups. Consider these primary aspects to further protect you from making a wrong selection.

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