How Dangerous Marijuana is for A Growing Baby? Get the Details About it

Many pregnant women take marijuana at the time of their pregnancy to control morning sickness and high anxiety. This is very effective for the health of growing baby. It also makes the risk of the life of babies health. But having a good meal to gain weight is the healthy pregnancy for any adult and mature body. When a pregnant woman inhales or smoked then THC cross the level of placenta which is also shared with your baby. Many experienced and researchers ensure that growing babies are highly affected by the THC and make the negative effect on their health. This all the cause of tobacco, marijuana, and nicotine.

There are much evidence are available of the defects of birth by the inhalation of tobacco. It makes the high and long-term risk at the health of babies. This has the huge chance of preterm labor. Many long and researchers study the effect on the pregnancy and make it lower down. The smoking also effects on the eye vision, brain development of the toddlers.

People eat and smokes marijuana pregnancy and breastfeeding for making relaxation, sensory perception, and euphoria on the body. Following are a risk factor for smoking for the pregnant women:

  • Low birth weight
  • Premature birth
  • Small head circumference
  • Small length
  • Stillbirth
  • Unexpected responses to visual stimuli
  • higher-pitched cry
  • Trembling

Pregnant mothers face lots of problem and pressure at this time with the infants. But to take the appropriate care, children happy, thriving and healthy it is good to avoid marijuana. It affects the pregnancy and breastfeeding which is very bad for the health of babies.

At the breast milk there are lots of cannabinoids without smoking marijuana use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  These cannabinoids, THC which are produced at our body naturally which pass to the babies body from the mother by breastfeeding. This is the key which keeps the newborn baby alive. It is helpful for making the tongue strong and sustains the life. At the time of breastfeeding the babies, brain is at the crucial stage in development for the available for psychoactive substance. The mother who uses marijuana at the time of pregnancy is really effective for their babies. It exposes the lactation which is associated with the development of the child and interpret the preliminary nature of them. It increases the various risk of your babies health those are:

  • Increased tremor
  • Decreased the feeding time
  • Slow weight gain
  • Poor sucking capacity
  • Delay the motor development
  • Change the visual replacement

Conclusion: So by the above article we can know the major negative effects marijuana use during pregnancy it is very bad for the health of mothers and children. For all the mother who wants a healthy and normal baby at the time of their birth avoid smoking during pregnancy. If you quite this during pregnancy then your baby will get more oxygen form your body and the risk factor of his / her birth also decrease. You will get more energy and can breathe more easily.

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