Desecator- How To Use Them Correctly!

When it comes to work in laboratories, it is very important for the scientist or specialist to know precisely how items should be used and kept. It is crucial for them to handle contents, samples and enclosures properly so that there is no scope of contamination by pollutants. One of the most common and general items that you will find in laboratories are desecators. They are used for the storage of dried samples. The samples should be kept away from moisture and humidity. This is where desecators step in to help. The purpose of these containers is to keep dry items in dry conditions for a long time.

Use of a desecator in the laboratory

When it comes to the use of a desecator in a laboratory, you will find that you need to slide the lid of the container to one side till the lid comes off. Laboratory professionals use a single hand to hold the bottom of the enclosure and the other to grasp its knob. Once you have placed the contents inside, you need to place the lid back on top and slide it across till the enclosure is closed. It should be rotated gently in both the directions after that.

Experts state that when you are using desecators, you must ensure that you do not lift the lid of the container vertically. The enclosure should have enough grease on the rim of the ground glass and if required apply Vaseline uniformly around its rim. This will help to keep the contents of the desecator free from moisture. You must note that while you are working in a laboratory, desecators should never be clumpy and wet. The enclosure will have blue silica gel and the moment its color changes, the desecator needs to be replaced immediately.


The lab specialist should ensure that desecators and its contents should be handled with care. The expert should always ensure that he or she wears goggles and a clean coat. Always remember that when you are using them the contents of the desecator should never coat its sides. In case, the desecator is not seated properly, you will notice a rim of cloudiness and this will damage its contents. If you place the lid of the desecator properly, you will notice that it is clean and clear.

When it comes to buying desecators in the market, ensure that you get them from reliable and credible online sources. The quality of the desecator should be good when it comes to their functionality and utility. They are not used for drying objects and used to maintain dry objects. Ensure that you buy them from good brands as they are trustworthy and will last for a very long time. When you place your orders online, read the exchange policies as well in case you need to return or exchange the products to the seller. Good and reliable websites ensure that you get top most service and care when it comes to placing your orders and the delivery of your products.

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