Difficult English words to pronounce in Hindi

In India, we have different languages and the people belonging to different states speak various languages. However, Hindi and English are the most common messages no matter where ever you are in the world. So when you are learning English it might be a little bit difficult for you to pronounce those words in Hindi. Therefore, taking in order to translate English to Hindi will help you in lots of ways.  If in case your native language is Hindi then you might find some sounds in English to be more difficult to pronounce.

  • It is true that most of the speakers of entry place /v/ and /w/ by [V] this is because it is really impossible to differentiate between “vest” and “west”, or even “vine” vs “wine”. Therefore, this becomes one of the common mistakes while people translate from English to Hindi.
  • Same is the case with “they” like “day” that is often considered as another common pronunciation mistake.

English words that are difficult to pronounce in Hindi

There are some English words that are very difficult to pronounce especially in Hindi. Here you are going to find some of such words that will clearly help you to give a correct idea regarding it.

  • Literally

This is one of the most common English words that is often considered to be one of the difficult words to pronounce in Hindi. One of the biggest reason behind is that there are many people who do not know the actual meaning of it. The actual meaning of literally is “in a literal sense”, or “what I’m saying is not imagined, but truly happened as I’m saying it.” even if you find English to Hindi translation this word often confused people.

  • Unabashed

If you consider a word Abash you will be surprised to know about its prefix. To be more specific the word Abash really does not exist, but the word Unabashed t has been turned to be Abash by most of the people. Even this word is mispronounced when it comes to Hindi.

  • Enormity

Enormity is another difficult English word that is said to be pronounced incorrectly in Hindi. This is similar to that of enormous, so this is one of the biggest reasons that often makes people get confused. Therefore, it is essential to move how to pronounce the word and learn it in a proper way.

Tips to learn correct pronunciation

If You Can Follow some tips then it becomes very easy for you to pronounce even the most difficult words.

  • You can subscribe for English pronunciation practice.
  • Learn from the pronunciation mistakes and never try to repeat them.
  • You will also find online tutorials that will help you to learn difficult English words and you will very quickly understand how to pronounce them properly in Hindi.

Finally, if you can make use of translators then it becomes very easy for you to know how to pronounce each and every word. Therefore taking guidance to translate English to Hindi will have ever help you to learn more and pick up everything very easily.

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