Effects of depression of mother on the baby during pregnancy

Depression is one type of psychological disorder that can happen to anyone. It is often ignored by the patient. It may get adverse if not treated properly. The symptoms are very common like prolonged sadness, insomnia that means not sleepiness, loss of appetite, lack of concentration and energy of doing anything. Depression of a woman during pregnancy is very common and has adverse effects on the baby and also on the mother. But the symptoms are overlooked by the people which makes the condition worsens. It is recommended that whenever you feel any symptoms like this you should consult with your doctor or family properly about the problems.

Causes of Depression During Pregnancy:

Depression or mental breakdown during pregnancy can occur due to various reasons. The most probable situations are:

  • Women who have the previous history of depression or face mental breakdown during monthly periods tend to get depressed during pregnancy. They are suggested to take precautions from the very beginning of the pregnancy.
  • The woman who already intakes anti-depressants or has any medical history of mental disorders may face it. The depression medications while pregnant should always be taken after consulting with a doctor.
  • The support of family and husband is a big thing during pregnancy. Women who are devoid of the love and the support may feel lonely and suffer from depression.
  • Women who live alone in a house without any social or familiar interaction often feel sad and lonely and it turns into depression.
  • Age is a very crucial thing in case of pregnancy. The younger the mother is, the higher the chance of getting depressed. It gets worse when there would be a mother who is not ready for the baby.

Effects on the baby and the mother:

Depression has very negative effects on the mental health of the mother as well as the baby. The two key things in pregnancy are proper eating and proper sleeping. Depression attacks both of them which leads to an unhealthy lifestyle of the would-be mother. For this reason, the mother may have to take medicines for other reasons too like antidepressants or digestion medicine during pregnancy. Antidepressants do not have any adverse effect except some. Some medicines can cause heart abnormalities in the growing life and also some other defects in growth. So women with previous history of depression are recommended to take medicines only after consulting the doctor. Sometimes it is observed that mothers who had severe depression have a child with mental abnormalities. They tend to have a problem in social interaction and communication and also tend to get depressed easily.


There is no better way to cure depression other than love and care. A would-be mother faces many struggles and many ups and downs during the course of pregnancy. All she needs is the love and support of the family and her husband. A little affection can make a big difference in the lives of the mother and the child. Also, communicating with people, staying happy is one more way to keep away from depression. That is why doctors suggest to communicate more with friends and family and to keep away the negative thoughts.

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