Everything you need to know about Maruti 800 Modification

Maruti 800 is one of the popular yet the most long loved car in India. It has certainly set standard and high expectations amongst those users who have tried this car in those olden days. In the time when the car made an entry, it was one of the most reputable one which was considered to be only with the people who were above the rich level. Well, this certainly was one first front wheel drive car that hit the Indian market. Unfortunately, its production got stopped in the year 2014 after its successful launch which was made in the year 1980.

No doubt that Maruti 800 has made a significant spot in the Indian history. Besides, you still can see it on the Indian road running with some crazy modified versions of the hatchback. The above ones are the perfect example of the same.

American pick-up truck

This is not so famous in India but it gained a lot of popularity in other countries. There are so many Maruti 800 cars, which are modified into some incredibly looking pick-up trucks. It comes with red pick-up truck which has the styling of American pick up and the brand name has been embossed at the back side.

Custom kit

It was the first generation Maruti 800 which was also popular by the name of SS80.  This design was launched in the Japanese Domestic market and till date no doubt that its design still remains the most iconic one. The modified Maruti 800 was based on the SS80 that has the same shape of the car.


There is also another pock up version of the truck which no doubt is the most amazing solution. It comes with a cabin made of rally styling and also has the rear bars with a spare wheel that has been mounted on the rear part. More like you can see a muscular look with a subtle white modification being made.

Kit Up!

Kit Up is another popular Maruti 800 modified version in India whose name itself states how the modification must have been made. It is a perfect example of those who wear a body kit from the customization garage which is based in Coimbatore. Besides, the modified hatchback gets a new bumper that is custom and at the front side with entirely well integrated with the fog lamps.

Other than this, convertible is the popular one that however did not suit well in the India’s weather. However, it is quite exquisite in its own way and for the fact it has been inspired form the Honda Beat version. Talking about others SUV, the Chic and red hot are some of the other popular versions that were launched and earned a great name as well.

So next time when you are here to take a look back at the Maruti’s history and come across any of this plan, make sure you don’t miss out to have a look at these modified versions at all and if possible, do try it as well.

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