Food that lead to cancer growth

Seriousness of cancer disease cannot be ignored. It takes a toll on emotional, rational, fiscal, spiritual and physical health. It causes stress not only in your body and mind but also in your relationships with your loved ones. Medications and treatment of cancer can make it difficult to do other things that you are generally supposed to do being a parent, or a human being or an employee and so on. There is nothing in your routine that this disease doesn’t spoil. It is a debilitating power to battle and it wipes you out in such a significant number of ways that are difficult to disclose to individuals who haven’t felt the effect of this awful illness in their own lives.

Main cancers detected in women are breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, cervix cancer and colorectal cancer while in men prostate, colorectal, liver, lung and stomach cancer are prevalent. Whatever the kind of cancer it may be, Chemotherapy cost in India is high and for some it is not affordable. As it is a well-known fact that cancer is caused due to gene mutations, there are certain factors which cause cancer. some of these factors are even related to the lifestyle choices made by people and recognising those can reduce the risk of cancer by almost 50%. Rest it is all your choice!!

Top food that lead to cancer growth are as under:

  1. Genetically Modified foods – GMOs – These days due to high increase in population more and more farmers are getting inclined towards using genetically modified crops and it is also a fact that these crops have a long term effect on the human body. Try to buy organic food stuff whenever possible and check the food labels first.
  2. Microwaved foods – Cause of lung cancer around the world, foods cooked in microwaves are not cooked in the organic way and therefore not very healthy option. Sometimes the food products and oil are GMO in nature and they release fumes which are highly toxic in nature. Therefore it is better that the food should be made the old-fashioned way.
  3. Canned food – If you are not aware, then be informed that all the cans are covered with BPA which is known to genetically modify the brain cells of rats. If you really want to save your DNA and if you want to save the huge chemotherapy cost in India then opt for fresh veggies or even frozen veggies for that matter.
  4. Refined sugar and Sodas – The food items using the refined sugars are really amazing to eat and are equally yummy and so are the sodas that one can’t really avoid but as a matter of fact these contain high-fructose corn syrup which is a biggest cause of cancer in the world these days.
  5. White flour – With all the nutritional value removed, white flour is nothing less than poison. The GI value is extremely high and it spiked the blood sugar level. It leads to a number of problems such as cancer, diabetes and thyroid.

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