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There are myriad of spots in India that witness thousands of tourists and visitors throughout the year. Some of these spots are absolutely prestigious because of their charm and significance. One of these spots is of Badrinath. There are thousands of tourists who go for Badrinath yatra every year.

Talking about Badrinath, it is Hindu holy town and it is located in the Chamoli district in Uttarakhand.  You will be surprised to know that in the year 2006, nearly 6, 00,000 pilgrims paid a visit to this place as compared to just 90,676 pilgrims in the year 1961. The place has found its existence in the sacred scriptures and legends for various years now.  Its significance as a sacred place has been absorbed in the people of India since their childhood. The name Badrinath drives from Badri that means ‘berries’ and Nath meaning ‘Lord’!

The city enjoys the label of being a ‘holy town’.  It is due to the existence of the popular and well-renowned Badrinath Temple. It is one of the Char Dams.  This pilgrim site is a popular Hindu and Jain holy place. You can see the pilgrims visiting this spot from farfetchedareas. There are many people who do Badrinath Yatra by helicopter as well. Of course, there are different options for visiting this spot and helicopter one is amidst them.

Badrinath temple

This Badrinath Temple also called the Badrinarayan Temple, snuggled in the Badrinath town of Uttarakhand. It is believed to be as the most sacred among the char dhams. This is among the one hundred eight DivyaDesams devoted to Lord Vishnu, who is pray to in this temple as Shri Badrinath.

The temple is situated at an altitude of nearly 50 ft and it has a colourful main entrance that is known as Singhdwar.  The place is known to possess three sections; the Garbhagriha, the SabhaMandap and the DarshanMandap.  The idols of Lord Badri Narayan, coupled with other God’s statues are located in the Garbhagriha or this Sanctum. Actually the SabhaMandap is the place wherein all the pilgrims accumulate to offer their prayers.

Here the statue of Lord Vishnu or Badrinarayan is nearly 3.3 ft tall. It is made of black stone (Saligram stone) that is worshipped by the visitors as one of eight forms of Lord Vishnu.  The image is considered to have Vishnu in a double form of Narayana and Nara.

Location of this temple

The Badrinath temple is located along RiverAlaknanda banks in hills in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It positions tall at an altitude of 3,133 m, and is amidst some of the most visited visitors in India. This temple is surrounded by Nar and Narayan mountains that stretch nine kilometres east of the Nilkantha peak. Badrinath is situated north of Rishikesh and sixty two kilometres northwest from the Nanda Devi mountain peak. The sites from this temple are absolutely hypnotic and mesmeric.

A glimpse into Badrinath Yatra

Badrinath is the only holy place that is a portion of chota char dham along with the char dham yatra. This char dham yatra reserves a significant spot in the Hindu religion. Pilgrims visiting just to the Badrinath Temple also go on to the EkDham yatra. This sacred dham yatra is believed to be as the most auspicious spiritual activity.  There is a shared belief that the ones who go on chardham yatra would enjoy the gates of heaven unlocked for them.  This same can be attained by ekdham yatra or Badrinath Yatra.

How about going for Kedarnath yatra?

If you have been to Badrinath, why not go for Kedarnath yatra too? You can easily get the Kedarnath helicopter ticket booking done if you plan prior in time. There are many pilgrims who visit this auspicious place almost every year. So, you must go to this beautiful and spiritual place.

Talking about Kedarnath, it is bordered by enthralling snow-roofed peaks; making it the most distant site among all four the Char DhamShrines. But every single year the devoted followers of Lord Shiva visit this sacred temple. The picturesque beauty of Kedarnath town fascinates a huge number of tourists from all around the world. You may find it little crowded during summer season   but in the month of April to August thousands of fans can be seen atKedarnath Temple. During the winterseason, Kedarnath stays closed for six month because of Heavy snowfall and becauseof extremely chilled weather.

This well adored temple Kedarnath is devoted to incarnations of Lord Shiva. Kedarnath is named after the King Kedar who governed in the Satya Yuga. It is considered that the Kedarnath Dham is the spot wherein Lord Shiva pardoned Pandavasfrom sin of killing their own cousins Kauravasin battle of Kurukshetra war.    As per the Puranas, the Pandava brothers did a huge penance in Kedarnath to satisfy Lord Shiva. In the beginning the temple was constructed by Pandavas and the current day temple was built by AdiShankaracharya. Just Behind this temple you can witness samadhi of AdiShankaracharya.

By now you might have understood that Kedarnath Dham, snuggled in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, is one of most paramount spot for worshipers of Shiva. The air seems to be echoing with the name of Lord Shiva amidst the mighty snow-dressed peaks, charming meadows and forests of lower mountain range of Himalayas.  Located in a lively location, near source of Mandakini River and at an altitude of 3,584 meters, Kedarnath Dham enjoys the magnitude of Lord Shiva.  Kedarnath temple is one of twelveJyotir Lingams and is also most significant temple among PanchKedars that means the group of five Shiva temples in Garhwal Himalayas.

The sites and surroundings of this place are absolutely hypnotic. You can find a plenty of sites in this place. The splashing mountains, the gorgeous vistas and amazing landscapes are certainly going to fill you with so much of enjoyment and charm.

Thus, you must not skip these two amazingly hypnotic temples of India. These places are overwhelming and absolutely prestigious!

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