Guide To Choose The Right Flower

So, do you have an upcoming anniversary or a party to attend or need to send an apology for forgetting one which is making you lose your mind ? You may rest your worries ‘cause we’ve heard you. What can lift a person’s mood better than a bunch of beautiful, fragrant flowers ! These little stunners can be the perfect conveyor of your emotions when chosen correctly. What more ? You can choose your pick from various online stores which not only offer a wide range of exotic fresh flowers but also deliver them to any doorstep. So, sending flowers in Pakistan has become a child’s play. Here’s a comprehensive guide for you to help you with making the right choice.


This infamous flower has been crowned the Queen of Flowers and for good reasons.

Red roses are every lover’s go to when it comes to expressing their deep love for their significant others. This classic symbol of love is the best option for Valentine day, anniversaries and even marriages.

Bright and cheery, yellow roses are a great option when you want to send some love and joy to you old and new friends alike. These are a traditional symbol of friendship and are a grey send on friendship’s day.

The subtle beauty of white roses make them a perfect gesture of remembrance. They are a great option for occasions that call for reverence.

Pink roses are a symbol of grace, elegance, love and gratitude. Make a great token of appreciation and gratitude for teachers, bosses and colleagues when put in a beautiful bouquet.


According to Christians legends, carnations rose from the pious tears of Mother Mary as she watched Jesus’ excruciating pain while carry his cross.

White carnations work extremely well for sympathy arrangements like funeral. They are also a symbol of luck and purity which makes them a great option to send to someone who just graduated out of college, got a new job or someone who’s going to start a new chapter in their life.

The deep red carnations is a symbol of deep, passionate love. You can send them to your lover instead of red roses who might not be a great fan of roses or you just don’t want to go the beaten path.

You may send a bunch of blush pink carnations to someone you want to show your love and gratitude. It is a great choice for mother’s day.


These elegant, prominent and fragrant flowers are bursting with a bunch of symbolism.

The beautiful pink Lilies are an emblem of femininity and fertility for their sweet scent and colour. This makes a bouquet of pink lilies ideal for expecting mothers for baby showers.

The serene, pure look of white lilies makes them a staple for expressing loss and mourning in funerals. Beside serving as a token of remembrance, it also symbolizes rebirth of the departed soul.

Cala lilies, a symbol of beauty and magnificence, are a classic choice for weddings.


These stunning happy, flowers are a symbol of innocence, purity and cheerfulness. They come in a wide spectrum of colours which is great to mix and match. You can send flowers Pakistan to about anybody to brighten their day. They are great to accompany with gifts for birthdays.

Now you know what flower to choose for any of your upcoming events. So send flowers to Pakistan from anywhere in the world without any hassle.


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