How Can You Keep Food Fresh for Long in Your Refrigerator?

Summers are getting longer with each passing year. Hence, those days are gone when people considered refrigerator as an item of luxury. The cooling machine that stores your foods and liquids has become a necessity today.

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Once you’re done purchasing your preferred single door or double door refrigerator with such financial help, there’s more to know about how you should use them. So, let’s understand the proper way of using your fridge so that the food remains fresh for longer.

Organising your fridge to store food for long:
It is necessary to know where to keep specific food items in a refrigerator. It’ll help you to utilise available spaces to the maximum along with keeping your food intact for a longer time.

1. Doors

Your fridge doors are warmer parts of the machine. So, if you have a single door refrigerator, consider storing juices and condiments at the side as they can bear the fluctuation in temperatures. However, it is not recommended to store eggs and dairy products there.

2. Freezer

Obviously, you store all things frozen in the freezer, starting from frozen veggies, fruits to fish, meat and even ice creams. However, you can also store pasta sauce there. If you want to store other food items in the freezer, make sure you pack them tightly in containers. It’ll not only optimise the storage but will also save energy keeping foods fresh for a long time.

3. Upper shelves

The upper shelves of a single door as well as double door refrigerator have a consistent temperature. Hence, use these shelves to store items which don’t need cooking. This includes soft drinks and ready-made food products like nachos and cooked food. You can also store fruits in this section.

4. Lower shelves

You can consider storing dairy products on the lower shelves as they have the coldest temperatures. Raw meat, seafood and eggs can also be kept here. However, avoid keeping too many things together in the lower shelves. That might minimise the cooling effect and increase your electric bill.

5. Enclosed shelves

The purpose of the enclosed shelves is to keep food items like veggies and fruits moist. But, do not keep all your vegetables and fruits together. Store them separately as fruits produce a chemical called ethylene that can make your veggies ripe faster.

Some pro tips:
* Don’t use the top of your fridge as a storage area. If you touch the upper side of the appliance, you’ll notice it almost always remains hot. So, if you keep the loaf of bread or water bottles there, remove them now. The temperature up there moulds your bread and makes the water in those bottles warm.
* Always store apples separately from other fruits and vegetables, both inside and outside your fridge. You can keep the apples in a plastic.
* Never store tomatoes in the fridge as it kills their flavour. Other vegetables which you shouldn’t store in the appliances are potatoes and onions.
Hence, you can now keep your foods fresh for a long time as you know how to arrange them in your single door or double door refrigerator. Buy the best product from trusted brands on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network which encompasses 60,000+ retail stores both online and offline across 1,300+ cities in India.

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Thus, you can now buy your preferred single door refrigerator or a double door one without worrying about money. Keep your foods fresh and have a healthy lifestyle.

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