How much is it to Repair the Screen Glass on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

All you know, the phone screen is the breakable one and the most easily damaged parts. It doesn’t matter how much care you are. Is your Samsung Galaxy S7 screen broken? Do you want to get fixed it? If you, you should need to know about the repairing and replacing the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7

One of the stunning Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7 is not only the fairest phone but also a powerful cutting edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge comes with larger than the previous galaxy. It has 5.5 inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440) and equipped with Super AMOLED display that is curved on both right and left sides. The galaxy screen packed of the pixel density of 534 ppi which is lower than the before version, because of larger display size.

As well as, the Galaxy keeps the previous version’s flat, 5.1 inches with a 577 PPI pixel density.

How to Protect Your Screen of Galaxy S7 Edge?

Do you want to protect your screen of Samsung Galaxy edge? Here, some easiest ways to protect them that include a built-in screen protector, which it makes to protect your screen easily.

You should choose the best screen protectors. If your display is scratched but it still functions, you should cover the whole screen by the good glass screen protector. Picking the best screen protector for Galaxy S7 edge that will be a more difficult one. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen repair is different from iPhone screen repair because they use a frozen separator to disable the glue.

Cost of Screen Repair in Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The repairing cost of your Samsung Galaxy S7 screen is based on which strategy you set it up. You may ask for anyone’s help

Samsung Authorized Center

The first option is to give your phone to authorized service center. They will charge for your screen repair a robust sum on the same. But, they will assure you a 100% honest guarantee to goodness supplanting screen.

Nearby Repair Service Center

The alternative option is to take your galaxy to the nearby flexible mobile phone repair service center in your area. They will charge for your repair at a superior cost.

Do it yourself without anyone’s help

The best and final option is to get a better supplanting LCD screen along with touch digitizer for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. You can buy it from the best online store that includes Mobile spare parts, Accessories, Tools and more. You can fit the parts by nearby repair search range from only Rs.200 to 300.

With the assistance of YouTube recordings and telephone opening toolbox, you can do this task without anyone else’s help

According to the survey, Samsung screen replacement will cost around Rs.19, 000 in India. After replacement, conduct a complete test on the repaired screen display and check if the performance, touch functions and all are good or not.

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