How to fix iPhone black screen without losing your data

The iPhone black screen is one of the classic problems in iPhone usage. You certainly can’t do anything if what you see is just a black screen! Don’t rush to sell your iPhone with a junk price because you can fix it back to normal. How to? This article will explain everything.

Before you move to repair, it’s important for you to understand the exact definition of the iPhone’s black screen and how it’s affected by iPhone DFU mode. This black screen problem arises because of interference with some hardware or / and software. A disturbance or some interference can stop the device from functioning, making it a useless second hand electronic item. Now you have understood the cause; interference with hardware and / or software.

fix iPhone black screen without losing your data


If you experience serious hardware problems, the best way is to visit the nearest iPhone service center. But if you experience interference only on the device software, you can fix it yourself, of course with special recovery software. You can’t just mess with your device and hope it will return to normal. You need a special software to solve your black screen problem.

This article will provide recommendations that can be accounted for. There are many recovery software out there but there are only a few that are truly reliable and for us, after doing some research, dr.fone is the best.

Why dr.fone?

Of course there is a reason for everything. dr.fone is a well-known iOS recovery software and it certainly has a myriad of advantages over its rivals. Many software can overcome black screen problems, unfortunately most of them leave you losing data. You don’t want to lose data when everything returns to normal. You need dr.fone because this software guarantees the availability of your data just like before the recovery process was done. Not only that, dr.fone is also very compatible because it can run on any iOS version

In short, dr.fone is very effective in overcoming the iPhone’s black screen and not only that, this software can also be relied on to deal with other problems such as repetitions at start, white Apple logo, system crashes in recovery mode, iTunes 4013 error, iTunes 9 error and so forth. This software also works on iPad and iPod touch, not only on the iPhone.

How do you fix a black screen with dr.Fone?

Now we are heading towards the settlement step. The following will be explained (in outline) about how you should deal with dr.Fone.

  1. Of course you need to install the software on your Mac or Windows system. If you want to repair your device immediately then click “repair” on the opening screen.2. The second step is to make a direct connection between your device and your computer. Let the computer recognize your device and after it is recognized you can immediately click “start”. Click and you start the process.

    3. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and make sure your iPhone phone is in DFU mode.

    4. In the following window, enter your phone’s basic information and click “download”.

    5. After clicking “download” then you need to wait a few moments to allow the application to download firmware updates.

    6. When the firmware is finished downloading, the system will automatically repair your iPhone device.

    7. After the process is complete, change the DFU mode to normal mode and you will receive a message indicating that you have successfully repaired.

    8. You don’t have a black screen anymore. As simple as that!

    You certainly have other repair options, such as improvements to the iTunes method but as mentioned above, it’s easier to repair damage with special software such as dr.fone.

    Hopefully this article gives a new enlightenment for you, about how you solve problems on your iPhone device as efficiently as possible.

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