How You Can Keep Your Cat Safe Form Fleas and Ticks

In every season, fleas and ticks are the most common problems that give birth to various other diseases to your cat. In every season, they reside their eggs on the skin of your pet. The eggs undergo hatching process that gives birth to heartworm.

Those who misinterpret heartworm, it is the problem that directly affects the lungs of your pet, resulting in sudden death. If your cat is diagnosed with heartworm or the presence of larva on the skin, you should use revolution for cats. The solution can be easily applied to your cat that kills the heartworm and prevents the growth of larva. But there are some simple ways that you can consider to keep your pet away from fleas and ticks.

Clean The Surrounding: Take a keen observation of the place where your cat spends its time (its bedding, rugs, etc) and clean them on a regular interval of time. The negligence towards your pet surrounding can give birth to fleas and ticks that can originate further issues to your pet. It’s better to use a vacuum cleaner on daily basis to omit all the dirt and dust from the surrounding.

Wash its Clothes: The place where your cat lives needs to be cleaned periodically. The bedding, blankets, etc need to be washed in hot water. You can even use disinfectant to omit all the harmful substances from the clothes and make it appropriate for the use.

Use Flea Comb: The flea comb is specially designed to get into the thick hair and reach the skin of your pet. Using the comb daily helps you remove sold particles that can create a further problem for your pet. The comb is necessary to be used under the neck, stomach and the base of the tail area as these areas are more prone to infection or parasite attack.

Use anti-flea Spray: Nowadays there are various sprays that you can purchase to kill the fleas as soon as they entire your surroundings. The flea can be killed to protect your cat from parasite attack. There are different types of spray that you should choose wisely.

Use Flea & Tick Collars: There are collars which are specially made to repel fleas and tick. The collars are placed on your pet to keep them protected. But you should know that not all collars are safe. You should use it for a specific tenure and replace it afterward.

Use Shampoo: You can bathe your cat with the use of shampoo. The use of shampoo is highly beneficial to clean your pet’s skin and keep it healthy.

So, these are some simple but important steps that you all should add to their life and keep your cat healthy for long. Also, you should test your pet for various diseases that can even be transmitted to human beings. The regular check-up will help you ensure the cat’s health.

Tell us what you follow to keep the fleas and tick away from your cat? Share your comment in the box given below.

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