Importance of performing regular visual inspections of car tyres

Tires are often the most neglected part, when it comes to inspecting vehicles to find and fix possible issues that could affect the overall performance. Inexperienced car owners mistakenly assume that good engine is the only requirement to perform well. If you are thinking the same, then you will need to rectify this misconception.

How they get damaged?

Having been in direct contact with roads, wheels should be checked even more frequently than other parts of an automobile.  Roads can be uneven and potholed. Running your vehicle over uneven rough and bumpy tracks can damage not only the rubber, but also develop alignment issues. Driving vehicles with broken and misaligned pieces can affect vehicle handling and cause security issues during the drive.

How to inspect for damages?

Don’t stress your mind after thinking that you will have to visit the mechanic shop on daily basis just to get car tyres checked. You can do even do it on your own. Although tire brands have significantly improved quality of their products, they can be a major source of accidents, as they can blowout or get separated even. However, regular inspections will enable you to overcome the danger of accidents. Besides regular care, you should pick some reliable brands and buy Dunlop tyres in Dubai to enjoy the comfortable drive and fewer visit to the mechanic.

Ideally, treads should be inspected once in a month. However, if you often drive on uneven tracks or live in cold weather or drive long distances regularly; you will need to do it frequently.  Keeping your driving habits in your mind and long routes, don’t forget to check them before long trips.

How should you check them?

When it comes to performing a visual inspection, you should check tyres for outer damages like cuts, tears and bulges, which are often induced due to penetration of stones, nails and sharp objects. In case you haven’t found any apparent reason for the surface damage, get them checked at dealer or auto mechanic specialist shop. Though periodic checking and good handling ensure an extended life with better fuel economy, experts suggest checking air pressure.

Maintaining recommended pressure is mandatory to provide good support. Under inflation and over inflation, both are harmful to vehicles. Reduced pressure increases not only safety risks, but also increases fuel consumption after increasing resistance during rolling. Moreover, access to pressure cause damage. When it comes to checking pressure don’t make a mistake to do it visually, as visual changes can only be detected when pressure is reduced to 50% of the recommended value.

Other important things you must check

In addition to checking pressure, spare some time and check all pairs and extra pieces of tires for the following things to extend the life of Dunlop tyres in Dubai.

Stones, nails and sharp objects

These things easily get attached to the surface. Though they are not penetrated immediately, they can be embedded is not removed. Sharp and pointed objects can damage casing eventually deflate it.

Fuel, oil grease and paint

These chemicals are injurious for rubbers. If left untreated, they swell the rubber and reduce the pattern grooves and affect adhesion. As we all know it’s inevitable to avoid treads to contact with oil and grease, you must immediately clean them with detergent and water to stop this irreversible damage.

Endnote:  Following these instructions of visual tire inspections will increase not only its life but also magnify its performance.

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