Is Contemporary Art Meaningless? Find Answers from Peter Max

Art has always been celebrated over the years as the highest mode of expression for human beings. It is the only noble activity that can never lead to taking life. But do you find art with not victims at all? Are you ready to believe such a concept? The Cultural Revolution that has taken over time has been noticed duly and recorded in the books of history. To begin with Christian revolution, Christian ascetics mostly achieved fame by extravagant feats.

Mostly, the performance artists had to go through some of the torturous path to reach the level they want to desire. Since social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were not that popular, marketing wasn’t so easy back then. And the artists had to take their art form to a different level only by high-level performance. While Christianity took its road from the scorched Syrian Desert to the Vatican, modern art took its route from the parched Arles to the splendor street of Fifth Avenue.

Modern Art never took any different path than conceptualism, and it was the series of thoughts and ideas that have actually worked behind proliferation of one artistic piece. If you take the case of the famous artist Kawara from Japan, he was mostly known for creating art forms that didn’t make meaning to the audience at large. His famous series of work being, creating a canvas that had just the date on plain board in white. And at times, the dates were written on the black background in red. And studies say, he continued with his series of work till 1966, the year he died.

Peter Max, a renowned artist of his era and a great follower of abstract art forms, has gone through this series of painting only to find out the retrospective of Conceptualized Art. His notion of this particular art form relied entirely on the consciousness of time. Time has over the years been considered as the supreme ruler of lifetime, and the exquisite sense of discipline and craft has been portrayed in the art form that Kawara adopted and practiced.

Over the years, there are many artists who have decided to serve time, but none has done like Kawara, believes Peter Max. Be it the curators, critics or even artists, these monolithic paintings have always disturbed personas and forced them to study it hard. The world of art has always demanded sacrifice, and if you cease to do it out of time, then the artist loses everything.

How relevant has been the content in such art forms? While the artists of Romantic period dealt with volume, the post-modernists have always preferred to keep it minimal. Stuffing your art form with jargon isn’t the real motive of modern painters. Also they prefer to add elements like humor, to add life. It is essential to find a cure for the changing trends, and finding the meaning depends completely on the individual. If you have the eye, you will find relevant content in it.

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