Kerala, the southernmost state of india is governed through the parliamentary system. Like other states, kerala also has a Chief Minister and other Ministers. The main role of Chief Minister is to control the state. He was the leader of all ministers. All the other leaders do their respective functions. Kerala hosts two major political alliances, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the Union Democratic Front (UDF). There are also several minor political alliances in kerala such as Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Nadar Society and the Muslim Democratic Party. All the Members of Legislative Assembly assemble together in Kerala Legislative Assembly.

In National level, Kerala has 20 seats for lok sabha as well as 9 seats for rajya sabha. The members of lok sabha are selected by the people, whereas the members of rajya sabha are selected by the central ministers. The person who is selected for the lok sabha from their respective district can be called as a MP (Member of Parliament).There are also several opposition leaders in the state. Their main function is to oppose the wrong activities taken by the government. They oppose the activity by conducting Strikes, protests and marches.

Inside each political group, they have their own sub groups. Sometimes this happens due to the fight for seats. Each political alliances have their own student unions. These student unions are the strength of each political party. They conduct the strikes in the schools and colleges for their respective want.

Leftist inclination

The social idea and conduct of the State as a rule has a solid inclination towards Leftism and in this way the Communist parties have made solid base in Kerala. The Malabar locale, especially Kannur and Palakkad are considered to heartland of Communist parties. The Kollam and Alapuzha regions, where trade unions have exceptionally solid presence, are generally inclined towards the Left parties; though the UDF have won elections from the constituencies of these regions a few times. The biggest Communist party in terms of membership is CPI (M) and the second is CPI. Kerala was the first Indian state where the communists were voted to power. Indian National Congress likewise has an exceptionally solid presence in Kerala. The party has solid bases in Ernakulam and Kottayam locales.

Regional parties

Indian Union Muslim League, is an intense pro-Muslim community oriented party, which was begun as Muslim League preceding partition of India, yet chose to retain their fidelity to India after partition, when the first Muslim League went to Pakistan. The IUML-Kerala unit is the only Muslim League unit, which proclaimed its devotion and loyalty to India, and thus turned into a state party, in post-independent India. The party has strongholds generally in Muslim dominated regions like Malappuram. Furthermore, they form the second biggest party inside UDF. Mass population of Muslims in Malappuram supports the Indian Union Muslim League in most of the elections.

Kerala Congress, which has more than 4 sections, after breaking away from original party, has solid influence among settlement populations in hilly areas. The different Kerala Congress divisions are principally patronized by Syrian Christian people group for the most part in Central Travancore zones like Kottayam, Idukki, Pathanamthitta and Muvattupuzha. Today, the greater part of Kerala Congress parties are with UDF.

Socialist groups, comprising of a few fragmented parties like NCP, SJD-S, JDS, Congress-S, are principally pro-center left socialist parties having extremely constrained influences in few pocket areas. A large portion of the socialist groups are with LDF, however a couple of instances, some of them changed their loyalties to UDF.

Communist parties, comprises of different communist parties, which have split from CPIM which generally are Center left parties and few are extreme left. While a few centre left parties like RSP have joined with LDF, those split far from CPIM, as CMP, JSS and so on., led by past CPIM veterans who were expelled from CPIM have joined with UDF.

The All India Forward Bloc, which had related with the LDF split far from them and joined in the UDF in 2017. Presently the AIFB is an active partner of UDF.

Kerala Dalit Federation is another minor party of Kerala.

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