Live healthy, live longer

If you want to live longer then making a few healthy changes in your life can work wonders. 

tudies have shown that just a few simple changes can help you achieve that goal. On the other hand, not eating enough fruit and veggies, drinking too much alcohol, smoking and not exercising will send you to the grave earlier than you might think. To be ore precise, yo miss out on 12 years of your live on average. Not worth it, right?

ortunately, there’s a bunch of stuff that yo can do to prevent premature death. Here are 5 habits for you to embrace to keep the grim reaper where he belongs – far away.

Don’t overeat

If reaching a three digit age is what you want to go for then you should probably not eat all the food they serve you at the restaurant. According to Dan Buettner, a researcher who studies longevity found that older people in Japan stop eating when they are 80% full.

To be more scientific, limiting your calories lets your body produce less T3 (a hormone produced by your thyroid). As a result your metabolism is slowed down and as a side effect also makes you age slower.

Steer clear of dangerous chemicals

When your done eating it’s time to do the dishes. But you shouldn’t use just use any dish soap. Stick with natural dishwashing liquids instead of conventional ones. Several studies have shown that dish soaps are packed with toxic ingredients that remain on your dishes even after rinsing. This means that you’ll eat food mixed with chemicals.

All natural dish soap is made of ingredients you can trust. On top of that it rinses off well so you do not have to eat any residue mixed in with your food.

Turn off the TV

Enjoying your TV subscription? It might cost you a few years. Watching too much television will slowly take a toll on your health. Research has shown that watching TV for four or more hours per day make you 46% more likely to die of any cause of death.

Reduce the time yo spend in front of your TV set and get some exercise instead. This has the most positive effect on your life that you could possibly imagine.

Choose your body care products wisely

Manufacturers love to market their cosmetics to us in so many manipulative ways, making all kinds of promises to spend our money with them. Most of us want to look young and attractive, so we’re usually easy targets for such advertising messages.

But unfortunately most of these products are loaded with nasty ingredients that enter our bodies through the skin from where they get into our blood stream. Pay special attention to the ingredients in your deodorant. Most of these products contain many harsh ingredients. If you want a healthier choice then you should choose a natural deodorant that is formulated with safe ingredients.

Check the weather report

Spending too much time in the sun can easily lead to skin cancer (on a side note: it also speeds up your aging process and leads to premature development of wrinkles). Add sunscreen when ever you leave your home on a sunny day. The sun does not only reduce your lifespan, it also makes you seem older than you are.

Following these tips will improve your health overall and help you reach an older age.

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