How to make Some Dough from Real Estate investment?

Everyone wants to make money, get rich and retire young but taking short cuts often lead to dead ends. One of the best possible ways to enjoy long term residual income is investing in real estate in Sharjah; a profitable business.

Property investment can be risky especially in these times when global economy is under constant flux however, developing regions such as UAE and others may give you optimistic results. Now, let’s see how you can generate some wealth from real estate.

Property closer to you

Spend in property nearest to your dwelling as it’s easier following current market trends plus having sound knowledge of positive and negative aspects within the territory. Maintenance and supervision is also simple as you don’t have to travel miles long after a tiring workday. The closer you’re to the property, faster it’ll be to solve problems. A noteworthy fact; time is money when it comes to realty investment, means the right moment to make a move is when prices are budding gradually.

Commercial or multifamily

A common principle of investment as cited by business professionals; “don’t lay your eggs in one basket” which means get your hands on multiunit or commercial property with several amenities. Increased number of units will lessen risk for if price of one goes down, you’re not flat broke. Primary reason or you can say a dogma is you pay less per unit and get additional inventory to sell.

When you buy real estate in Sharjah or anywhere else for that matters, professionals recommend looking for a site with several amenities like ease of transportation, grocery market, medical, educational and recreational facilities.

A two unit house is likely to bring you twice profit than a single which is somewhat a less elusive fact! More the number of units, higher would be the return and vice versa. A risky feature attached with sole property is when a tenant vacates, taking monthly lease along. The bottom-line; with multi-unit real estate, you’ll certainly make money!

Health is indeed wealth

Before making a move, investors must perform comprehensive research of areas they’re interested in and realise all aspects. Healthy property is usually referred to realty market where values are going high without decline for quite sometimes while require less overhauling. Perform preliminary survey of the place yourself or hire a land inspector for accurate results. Briefly, a property with less repairs and maintenance is more preferred to get most out of investment.

Determine cash flow

It’s always better to know what you’ll get in return after initial investment. Although, prices fluctuate from time to time, having a perceptive vision is a good yet critical approach. If you aren’t proficient in calculating financial terms, better get someone who can to formulate the outcome.

Amount division

Minimum 20-percent down payment is invested however you can exceed the amount. This is just to ensure safety and imperative in several ways. Scanty investment is affordable while you’ll incur less loss when property is vacated. Meanwhile, small distribution accounts for less interest to the bank, so more you can save. Asides this, when preparing to buy real estate in Sharjah, follow the general rule of division!


The above guidelinesclarify few rules to earn serious profit out of real estate investment.

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