Make Your Quinceanera a Memorable One by Choosing a Fabulous Theme

Are you having a quinceanera soon? Have you set the theme for it?  Choosing a particular theme can take your quinceanera to the next level altogether. Therefore, pick a theme that will go particularly well with everything, including the decorations, lighting, dresses, and food amongst others. There are numerous factors when it comes to hosting such special and important parties along with choosing a theme. The location is one of the foremost factors when it comes to mind for hosting such events.

You can choose from a variety of inexpensive banquet halls in Houston TX. Your job does not end with checking if the hall is spacious or not, or is located at an accessible place or not. There are innumerable essential things to check upon. Do they provide valet parking? Do they provide limousine service? It is essential to also check whether they provide dance floor lights as well. You obviously want your first dance with your father to be perfect. Therefore, taking note of such factors from beforehand will only help your lives to be much easier and stress free.

Now that you know what to look for when booking a reception hall in Houston TX, why don’t you go through the themes and zero-in on a particular one?  Well, you would definitely want to add a certain amount of glamour and zing to your quinceanera and what’s more, there are a variety of fabulous themes that you can choose from. Take a look at 3 of them.

The Great Gatsby- If you are an ardent fan of the movies of 1920’s, then the Great Gatsby theme would be the icing on the cake for you. Opting for such a kind of theme will involve capturing the elegance of the period of 1920s. Here, you have the full liberty to make this event as fancy as possible. After all, what is a quinceanera if it is not fancy, right? As for the dress code, you can ask the boys to wear a black tuxedo- think sophistication and beaded long gowns or embellished dresses for the girls. Ask the concerned team to include pearls, feathers, art deco in the setting as it will help to create the perfect mood. For this theme, it is best to stick to a specific color scheme- black, white and gold.

Coachella Bohemian Festival- If you are having a quinceanera in the summer season, then the Coachella Bohemian Festival would be the ideal theme for you. With adding a few elements like hanging bulbs and fancy lanterns in the setting, you can make your quince feel like a summer night in Coachella. If your quince is being held in any of the reputed quinceanera party halls in Houston, you can even ask them whether they can offer a live band during your event or not. A band will easily entertain you and your guests all night. In short, it will increase the oomph in your party.

Cinderella Theme- This is a super pretty take on the classic princess theme and it can/ will never go out of style. From incorporating glass slippers and pumpkins to adding little details from your fairytale book, you can try a number of Disney classic elements. What’s more?  You can wear your hair in a Cinderella hairstyle along with a light blue/white dress to match the ambience.  And for this theme, it is best to stick to a specific color setting- light blue, white and silver.

Now that you know these themes, what are you waiting for? Talk to one of the teams of holiday party venues in Houston TX, before picking one. 

Author Bio: Joseph Williams is an event manager and a frequent blogger on banquet and reception halls in Houston TX. Here, he talks about three themes that work for quinceanera party halls. You can get tips on Holiday Party Venues Houston from his articles.


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