Perfect Deals for the Proper Airport Transfer Now

“Is it true that traveling to the airport by airport transfer is cheaper than driving there and leaving it in a parking lot?”. This is the kind of question that requires several factors to be taken into consideration. Indeed, it will depend on the number of people, the distance from the airport, the length of stay …

A story of calculation

Everything is actually a story of calculation. If you are in downtown Montreal, the trip to Trudeau should not take more than an hour, unless the traffic jams are intense, which happens quite often during peak hours.

So before renting anairport transfer, take a sheet and a pencil. Begin by estimating the rental time you need to take. Take a large enough margin in case one of the participants is late or, as we have just seen, to mitigate the vagaries of traffic. In you will be getting the best options now.

Is the airport transfer going to pick up all the participants at their place, and then go around the city or do they all go to the same place? Depending on the answer, it will change the rental time required. The distance between the airport and the pick-up will also generate different fees, different rental durations. If you come from Westmount for example versus a city more than 2:30 from Trudeau airport, it changes the deal and the price!

The number of people who will participate in the rental will also determine the price that everyone will have to pay. Some limos have tariff bands depending on the number of passengers. Do you need a limo for 3, 4, 6 people? In function, you will be in a more or less expensive price category.

The rates

Each airport transfer rental company has its own rates and method of operation with respect to the minimum rental period. Some renters will for example impose a rental of 2 hours minimum at $ 60 per hour while others will offer to rent for one hour only at an hourly rate of $ 95 for example.

Leave your car at the airport?

To find out if it is advantageous or not to rent aairport transfer rather than leaving your car at the airport parking, you just have to compare the prices.

When you take a ride on the site of the airport, you realize that it amounts to at least $ 15 per day (you leave the car at the eco-park and you have to take a shuttle for 16 minutes). There is a week rate of $ 85. It is certain that if you are 5 in the car, it will be back to you at about twenty dollars gas included. You will have the disadvantage of not arriving directly in front of the airport gates.

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