Prep Your Feet for A Longer Run with The Benefits Of A Pedicure

Unless you are a certified couch potato (and proud!), chances are that you spend a considerable amount of time every day on your feet. Often neglected, we usually pay attention to it only when they start paining, or worse, start bleeding. We forget that they are also an important part of our body, and one of the reasons we can do what we do so efficiently.

Getting a pedicure may sound like a luxurious treatment for your feet and not a necessary one. While you may be right about it not being necessary, but the fact remains that it is extremely important. Listed here are a few reasons as to why treating your feet is a good idea:

  • Timely detection

When you give your feet the attention it deserves, you are able to detect and identify if you have any fungal infection or a bunion that may otherwise have gone undetected, given to your hectic schedule. Catching the cause for concern early on can help prevent the condition to intensify and cause bigger problems in the future.

  • Prevention of infection

When you have your toenails cut and cleaned properly, you prevent any painful ingrowths and remove any bacteria that may have found a way into the cuticles. You also prevent smelly feet when you have dirt removed from your feet. It is also important to keep the toenails healthy as they protect the toes from any form of trauma.

  • Promotes blood circulation

The gentle massage that you get as part of the treatment promotes blood circulation in not only your feet but also in the calves. It can also reduce tension in the feet and aid in heat distribution. Furthermore, it relaxes you as you feel the stress leave your body through your feet. After the wonderful treatment, you can spend the rest of the day in your relaxed state.

  • Exfoliate

The unhealthy dead skin on your feet will find a way off your feet once the pedicurist starts gently scraping it off. It also promotes new skin growth. You will also have smoother and softer feet once the rough skin is gone. Exfoliation also prevents the formation of corns or bunions.

  • Moisturising

The feet treatment will involve the pedicurist soaking your feet in warm water and applying generous amounts of moisturiser to keep your feet nourished. The oils or lotion used for your feet prevent blisters and other problems. Keeping the cuticles moisturised also stops the nails from growing in ridges which may result in the nails lifting out of the nail beds.

Treating your feet to some professional care should ideally happen once a month. Grooming is an important part of your life and care must be taken that every part of your body is regularly attended to. Treatment of the feet or any other form of grooming is essential for both, men and women. So spread the word, and tell everyone you know of the benefits of treating your feet!

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