Process of formation of dipeptides and their advantages

Dipeptides are dimers of amino acids. These are the molecules which have significant role in the medicinal field. These are formed by the amino acids. Generally amino acids have two reacting sites one is carboxylic acid and second is amine group which is basic. As the name suggested dipeptides are formed by linking together two molecules of the amino acids forming a dimer. Amino acids are building blocks of the proteins thus these have very important place in life sciences as well as in chemical sciences. Many of the composition in a cell contain the amino acids.

Carboxylic acid of one amino acid reacts with the amine of other amino acid and thus they form a bond which called as the peptide bond. When two amino acid molecules linked together then dipeptide bond is formed. These are simpler structure but carry many fold uses. During the process of synthesis of the peptides water molecule is released thus it is dehydration process. There are so many functions of the dipeptides; this is boon to medical as well as chemical sciences through which more structures can be prepared and aids to the welfare of the society.

These are also used in the fermentation process. Dipeptides are used in the food industries, they play vital role in the processing of the food. These are the flavouring agents who are used in many dishes and food products. Our body functions are carried out in proper manners due to the hormones present in the body. All the body functions from the somatic growth to the sexual growth are carried out by the hormones. The main histidine hormone is dipeptide which has great role in curing metabolic syndromes in the body. More over these drugs are in demand because there are very low side effects of these wonder molecules. Protein is the main constituent of our body and of our food.

The preparation method of the protein is also same as peptides but these are long chains of the amino acids with three dimensional configurations. On the other hand, dipeptides have very simple dimer structure and these are easy to prepare in the laboratory. These are the wonder drugs t be used in the field of the pharmacy. Some metabolic syndromes result in raising the blood pressure. These syndromes are effectively treated by dipeptides. These are cost effective drugs and proved to be very effective in curing the diseases.

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