Returning, Selling or Gifting Your Roku Device? Do This First

Are you planning to return, sell or gift your Roku device? If yes, you have to keep some important things into mind. Of course, you have set up and activated your streaming device through web address. But if you are going to give it away or sell to someone else, you must reset it to the default factory settings and unlink it from your account. In this way, the new owner would be able to set up the Roku device like a brand new one.

Apart from this, on the off chance that you are having issues with your device, you can perform a full factory reset too as the last resort. This post will walk you through the process of resetting the Roku device. Let’s proceed.

What is Factory Reset?

Before going further, let us tell you something about factory reset. It is also known as a master reset. It is a process to retrieve the software of an electronic device back to its original settings in which all the present data will no longer be there.

That’s why it is recommended you to back up the settings or note them down before resetting so that you won’t need to go through change settings process again.

Soft and Hard Reset

Additionally, there are two different ways to reset the Roku gadget – soft reset and hard reset. You can accomplish soft reset by utilizing the gadget settings on your Roku remote. On the other hand, you can do the hard reset by physically pushing a reset catch on the Roku gadget or player. In both of the cases, data delete will occur and all your account settings, payment data won’t be there and Roku box will be as good as new. After resetting, you can also perform Roku 3 micro SD install process if your device has insufficient internal memory.

Factory Reset using the Device Settings

In the event that you wish to factory reset the Roku gadget utilizing the settings option on it, pursue this.

  • To start with, press the button on your Roku remote so that the very first screen shows up.
  • At that point, you will discover settings by utilizing your Roku pointer to either look in upwards direction or downwards one.
  • Thereafter, go to the advance settings.
  • Reset your device.

Here, you will get the on-screen instructions to restore the default factory settings. Once done, set up your streaming gadget using Roku code link or with credit card data and make the setting changes as per your needs.

Factory Reset Using the Hardware Reset Button

There is another approach to factory reset your Roku gadget, i.e. utilize an equipment reset button on the Roku player.

You will see a hard push button to reset at the base or back of the Roku gadget.

On the off chance that not this, there might be a pinhole kind of thing that you will notice to complete a hard reset.

When you can find the reset catch, press it gently for some time and discharge. In case that the factory reset is completed, you will see a light showing on your Roku gadget. Now, if you are facing various issues with your device like purple screen Roku, they all would be disappeared after resetting.

Roku Ensures that You Do Not Do a Hard Reset by Mistake

There might be a case wherein somebody can unintentionally complete factory reset and all your data will vanish in a few seconds.

To stay away from such circumstances all Roku gadget settings request a four-digit code to enter on the TV screen so that it’s protected to continue further.

You can see the code is on the gadget itself and you should simply enter the code in the field provided and afterward press ok button.

In the event that you experience issues after following the aforementioned steps, don’t hesitate to connect with technical experts’ team by calling us at our toll-free number.

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