Why Sober Living Home Is The Best Choice For Complete Recovery From Addiction

Sober living homes are modern day facilities that promote and encourage the elimination of addiction. After treatment of addiction, it has been discovered that many patients run back to their old lives because of the absence of surveillance and support. In most cases, addicts go back to the same circle that introduced them to the substance in the first place. These transitional living houses provide a safe and serene environment to cut off such influences. While you may not need a complete drug rehab treatment or structural sober living homes, it is important to weigh the immense benefits. At this point, considering a sober living home is not a bad idea.

One of the many benefits one can derive from sober living homes is the possibility of finding like-minded people that are struggling to quit addiction as well. A sober living home is characterized by the absolute prohibition of drugs and alcohol that can be tempting to the patients that are trying to quit addiction in the first place. However, the level of strictness may vary from one facility to the other but it is important to choose the facility that contributes to total abstinence from drugs.

Sober Living Home
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Generally, a 12-step approach is adopted by standard sober living homes. Every addict is expected to be one step higher than others in their recovery process. These set of addicts are appointed as counsellors or mentors to their peers. This ‘leading by example’ method facilitates the desire to get rid of the addiction. Therefore, sober living homes are absolutely necessary to promote personal freedom and self-esteem.

Again, sober living homes are controlled environments that provide security and safety. Moreover, the constant and cumulative support that is derived from peer support cannot be overemphasized. With 24 hours support and surveillance, there is little possibility of anyone smuggling drugs or alcohol inside the home. This ensures a successful recovery and relapse becomes remotely impossible.

More so, it is important to weight the cost of sober living homes against your budget. Truly, not everyone requires such facility because addiction varies. Except the addiction has become life-threatening, there may be little need to combine rehab with sober living homes. But it is always good to combine both for a successful recovery. That said, there are affordable sober living homes that can suit one’s need and budget.

Till date, cost of sober living homes is always an obstacle. While the cost of drug treatments may be sorted by some insurance companies, funding the total package is seldom possible. And this hinders long-term treatment. Thus, the cost of combining drug rehab facilities with sober living homes may not be insured.

Sober living homes are short-term solutions. Generally, the drug treatment plan may take as long as 30 days while providing unhindered in-house support. The major object of these homes is to reintegrate the addiction to society. Peer support and participation will take you on a recovery journey to prevent a relapse. If returned to society as a constructive citizen, the addict will be enabled to lead an exemplary lifestyle and urge others to do the same.

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