Some Solid Reasons To Pick The 500 mg Hemp Oil And How To Use It

Since the laws have changed, the Medical CBD hemp oil industry is growing at a fast pace. Research shows that Marijuana products have an estimation of reaching NFL league numbers in revenue. Cannabidiol, referred mostly as CBD, is a compound found mainly in the Cannabis sativa L. Plant. It’s basic function is providing a list of health benefits. CBD oil has been found to decrease inflammation, help with seizures and literally balance our bodies. Hemp oil also has no psychoactive qualities to it at all.

That said, these very properties in CBD are bringing in new consumers every year. Many flock to it because its natural and sick patients are given an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Pain medicines and other medications doctors often hand out unfortunately can give worse results than expected. CBD is now approved by the FDA when it comes to two forms of Epilepsy. You can either purchase 500 mg hemp oil that comes in a 10ml bottle as droppers. These oil drops are THC-free as well. Depending on what you are using it for, the small bottles can last for about 30 days of servings.

If you are using the 500 mg hemp oil as a dietary supplement, you should use up to 5 drops to 1 full dropper under your tongue. Next, you must hold it for at least 30 to 60 second, then swallow. There are also some things to look for when buying CBD medical hemp oil.

Extraction Methods 

CBD-rich oil is often extracted from the cannabis plant. This is something you ought to ask when purchasing. There are several companies that use a cheap methods that can have bad toxic solvents such as propane, butane, pentane, which are flammable. This is not what you want to consume in your body.

You should be cautious of any business trying to sale you on using a hydrocarbon method and Butane is illegal.


CBD quality is all about its source. This means where and how it was grown and the species of the cannabis. Things that reflect on the plant’s essence is the climate, soil or the plants at the next door farm. The reason there is so much importance around the hemp’s cultivation is because the cannabis plant is known as “hyper-accumulator.” It easily absorbs any contaminants from the soil. Often times you will find CBD oil being falsely sold online when its industrial hemp grew in bad non-food grade conditions.


There have been cases where products have tested zero percent of CBD in them. Back in 2015, the FDA ran tests and had to find many companies that didn’t include CBD in their products through the reports stated differently. Overall, this really hurts the industry. When CBD is used in food there is a bit of decreased bioavailability and its also subject to degradation. CBD can be very good for those using it, though a bit pricey, by maximizing the bio-availability in it is crucial and lowers the cost.

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