After winter, everyone is excited about restoring their lawns after the gloomy season when they could barely do anything for the lawn. This is the time when efforts of restorations are undertaken. It is usually at this time that mowers and trimmers find their way out of storage. Purchase of fertilizer, herbicides and other necessary implements that will help the lawn achieve the look the owner is looking for is done.

After winter, the soil becomes vulnerable to diseases and weeds. It is important to start the recovery process with cleaning, fertilization and mowing.  Dealing with early spring lawn guarantees a beautiful lawn during summer. This early start guarantees proper sunshine and aeration of the grass. If you need help, wheatgrassprofessional offers great advice on spring lawn care.

Tips on how to achieve the perfect lawn for your home

  • Do not postpone mowing when you know the grass is in dire need of one.
  • Dethatch your grass especially if it is the dense type. This will help with the aeration process
  • Do not underestimate the value of aeration. Different grass types require aeration at different times.
  • Watering grass after winter is important. Type of grass is also important here. Ideally, most grass types require at least an inch of water weekly. Find out the needs of the grass you have planted so that you can maximize its potential with adequate care.
  • Spring is the perfect time to deal with the weeds and insects that risk destroying the look of your lawn
  • Make sure you have the right machinery and equipment for the care your lawn needs during spring. Ensure all blades that need sharpening are done. You do not want to find a blunt blade just when your lawn needs mowing.

Remember after winter, the soil still has some water retention, it is not a great time to do any work that involves a lot of movement on the lawn. Foot traffic at this time may harm new grass growth. Just as you are adjusting to the change in season, the grass is undergoing the same change. The grass needs to be handled with care if you want a beautiful outcome. You may be eager to get the ball rolling as far as your yard is concerned but it is more important to get it right. Get everything ready so that when you begin the recovery process, you have all that you need.

These devices can help with the mixing, grinding and transportation of fertilizers. When choosing the Best commercial fertilizer spreader for your lawn, there are certain factors you need to consider.

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