How Does the Temperature Effect Tire Pressure?

Temperature has a huge impact on the tire pressure. As per physics, the air takes up less volume at the lower temperature and more volume at higher temperature. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why experts and tire manufacturers provide guideline about the tire inflation and emphasize on to follow these as well. If you are really concerned about the longevity of your car tire, it’s important for you to be attentive to temperature especially when you check the tire pressure. It’s will be of great help and you’ll be able inflate your tires properly. Here are a few important things you must consider. So let’s dive in;

Recommended Pressure

Every car owner should know about the right tire pressure for his/her car. You may have bought the new set of tires from the deals of best suvtyre Dubai, but still you need to keep up with the recommendation in order to have a smooth drive in every season. What vehicle you are using is also another considerable factor that helps in determining what exact pressure would be suitable for your car.

You can check out the recommended tire pressure mentioned in the owner’s manual. If you can’t find the manual, check out the sticker that’s usually found on driver’s door or door jamb and it would be mentioned in the psi.

Temperature Effect

Here’s an important reading you should make a note of in order to keep your tires long lasting. There is approximately the 1 psi of change in the pressure on the change of every 10 degrees of temperature. It’s quite simple. The cooler the weather the lower the tire pressure. Therefore, you need to inflate your car suv tyre Dubai accordingly so that you can have a safe drive in the winter season.

Driving Time

Who said it’s only the outdoor temperature that affects the tire pressure? Tire pressure is also affected by the tire heating up with consistent use especially while driving. Did you know that the tire pressure increases by 1 psi after every 5 minutes?


There is a very important rule about the tire inflation but most of the car owners don’t follow it accordingly. You must inflate the car tires when they are cold. Morning is the best time to inflate your car tires, in fact. There is another way out for this since everyone is not able to do it in the morning due to many reasons. Just check the tire pressure in the morning and simply make a note of how many more psi your tires need.

In the evening, just check the tire pressure right before inflating it. Right then, increase their psi by the amount you just noted in the morning. As simple as that. If you want your car tires to last longer, it’s really important for you to keep a proper track of tire inflation. Make sure you inflate your car tires appropriately.


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