The Best Current 5 Forex Brokers for South Africans

Lots of Forex brokers working in South Africa nowadays, and a question to find the good broker would affect how your business become. Each buyer has a different personality, therefore various requirements when talking about teaching material, professional analysis, and dealing tools.

From 2008, we have done our study by cooperating with and finding out the most well-known Forex brokerages. By paralleling the best Forex brokers in South Africa base on their’ fame, and the way they compare to the rest, we will now give you the best findings that would aid you in the Forex dealing platform.


Since the beginning in trading forex in 2013, we have participated in and cooperated with more than thirty brokerages, and ignored over sixty. By the reason of finding the best Forex dealing broker, we paralleled them by following some standards:

  • Repute is faith in investing domain. We have big regulators and small regulators and we consider them all.
  • Dealing status is the product’ description that the seller needs to offer the buyer, so we compared them.
  • Account types.

The ranking of our broker is formed from the intermediary rule, platform selection, and trading states for the customers.



An organized Forex seller works under the supervision of governmental regulatory groups such as FCA, FSCA, CySEC & ASIC that they joined in. These associations make sure that the broker is having a balance dealing place. Meanwhile, they also give out tight auditing observation and security of money. A Forex intermediary is considered to be more honest and reliable if more global agency admits them because these agencies are very powerful in forex trading.



We need to consider three important things to comprehend whether a brokerage is reliable or not: regulation, trading way, and customer money organization.

The more superior regulators an intermediary has, the more level of observation it has, hence the more level of trust the official regulatory groups have in them. The way the broker do your transactions, an involving dealing desk in the execution or conflict of interest between buyer/seller is as well a crucial factor of faith. If you lose your money or your trades due to the financial incentive of the broker, we assumed that the dealer is less trustful.

Lastly, it is better to segregate all the client money in various accounts at elite banks in the regional jurisdiction. It means your customer fund is safe from the broker’ bankruptcy, so more confident.



We comprehend spread as the difference between ask price and bid price, and it is measured in pips. They have two forms: wide or tight. Fifteen pips spread is assumed as widespread, whereas a 0.4 pip is tight spread. Each broker has their own spread on their FX pairs. In order to raise profits, a tradesman should cooperate with the tightest spreads broker.

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Another important condition in dealing Forex is leverage. It is used to resize the proportion of the trade since the fluctuations in the market are such minor that we couldn’t take part in the business. We have a format like 300:1, which means a tradesman could enlarge the size to three hundred times. Leverage differs from each broker, and they might preserve the right to restrict a customer’s leverage using their skills.


It is normal if a broker has many different accounts. However, there is a tendency in this business sector to ensure effective environment. That is to decrease the number of account types. The superior distinction among these types is Live or Real accounts, the Demo accounts, and Swap-free account. Some brokers also have managed accounts, but it is uncommon.


We need to use the real fund in order to deal with the markets. This account would affect your account balance.


In contrast, this type of account has the unreal money, hence you wouldn’t get into any troubles. That’s why a tradesman has a chance to figure out the dealing platform, client service, searching domain, and dealing status. This type has two forms: restricted time which is not so hard to resign and the unlimited time which you can use forever.

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