The Décor Strategy to Ensure Extraordinary Look of Your Drawing Room

The term ‘drawing room’ had been derived from the 17th-century English society. Earlier in England, when the family finished dining, the male members of the family often used to assemble for wine and cigars or linger on in the same room. The women would withdraw to a different room called the Withdrawal Room for obvious reasons. The word drawing room is just a crude change of the original Withdrawing Room.  The first written appearance of the term, ‘drawing room’ was in 1642.

In India, the drawing room has a special honor. These rooms may not be formal both in functioning and furnishing, but the room décor must reflect the personality and artistic taste of the home-owner. To begin with, start with space, form, color, light pattern and then to the most essential part, furnishing. These elements establish a sense of harmony, contrast, and unity in respect of drawing room decoration.

Many young home-owners struggle to find the best furniture for their drawing room. Simply by focusing on the rich Indian culture and tradition, for filling up your limited-spaced apartment is not a wise decision. While opting for your furniture, you must focus on the functionality and space-saving features to keep your house organized and neat.

The majestic look of the dark woods, the curved delineations, the gloss that glazes like the glass of the antiquated wooden furniture of India were adorned in various Victorian and Edwardian drawing rooms for centuries. Today, on the other hand, one can easily find the aesthetic and light-weight furniture made from plywood sourced from the best plywood manufacturer in India.

These majestic furniture pieces are designed to reflect the grandeur of the past. You can put two such identical plywood furniture of indigenous style, in the corners of your room. Go for bookshelves, because books are the symbol of legacy and affluence; chairs and stools, sideboards, ornamented sofa, footstools or writing table, on the basis of your choice and convenience.

You can designate your drawing room to be acknowledged as a place of exceptional taste by hanging a classy grandfather clock, putting up your antique home decors or collections. The furniture of majestic mahogany or rosewood to have their distinct traditional appearance. To add an extra splash to your authenticity, you can also use fabrics with Indian artworks. A fireplace can also be accentuated to increase the aesthetic value of your room.

Investing in high quality traditional Indian furniture made from plywood produced by the best plywood companies in India is like investing in the assets because they last for a generation. Rather than merely serving the decoration purpose, these items of furniture are lifetime assets. With a nominal maintenance expense, you can get an extraordinary look for your drawing room.

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