How to Throw a Low Budget House Party

Throwing a house party is generally expensive and added expense keeps piling up through the whole planning stage as well as through the entire execution stage as well. So how do you cut back on these added expenses? How do you throw an amazing party without compromising on the quality but still within your tight budget? Here are a few ways in which you can cut back on the expenses of the party without compromising on the entire feel and quality of the party and environment –


BYOB is short for ‘Bring Your Own Booze’ which is a slang abbreviation for basically asking your guests to bring their own alcohol and liquor to your party. As we all know, liquor is expensive and most of the times, it is the most expensive item on the party menu! When you arrange a BYOB party, your guests have to bring their own liquor according to their preferences. This saves you a lot of money and also saves you from all the wastage of alcohol that you have to drink and finish yourself. These days, a lot of people opt for BYOB parties so that they don’t have to handle the headache of extra expenditure on alcohol. You won’t come across as a cheap stake so don’t worry about that!

Order finger food instead of main course

Main course can get extremely heavy on the stomach as well as expensive if you are looking to throw a party in a tight budget. The best thing to do is to order finger food such as French fries, chicken nuggets, vegetable samosa, kebabs, grilled chicken pieces, sausages etc. which the crowd can easily pick and eat. These are cheaper when ordered in bulk from a catering company. A lot of catering companies have excellent finger food menus and also have really good desserts for online cake delivery in Bhilwara or any place across India. You can also skip all of this and create the finger food by yourself! You can make grilled or baked chicken in the oven, bake some French fries, deep fry frozen chicken nuggets and there you have it, extreme savings! How convenient is that!

Choose a crowd favorite dessert

Instead of having 4 different desserts to cater to all the different tastes and preference of people, simply book a crowd favorite dessert. Most of the people love cakes, mousse and cupcakes so you can easily place an order from any bakery for online cake delivery in Bhilwara or any place across India. You can pick a classic chocolate cake or better yet, a red velvet cake or a fresh fruit cake! These are all time favorites and you cannot go wrong with these! When you order for cakes online, you save a lot of money simply by cutting down on the costs of phone calls, driving to the location to pick up the cake and so on. Online ordering is the way to go if you are planning to save a few extra bucks on dessert!

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