Tips To Make Shopping For Plus Size Wedding Dresses A Breeze

Shopping for wedding dresses can be a tedious experience even if you’re having fun with your bridesmaids while you are doing it! You want to get the dress just perfect for your big day, so on top of it being time-consuming, it is also nerve-wracking!

When shopping for plus size wedding dresses, there are a few things you can do to try and make it a little easier on yourself. We hope our tips help you to make it a breeze!

The Phone Is Your New Best Friend

The last thing you need to deal with when planning your wedding day is having your time wasted. You have precious little already between everything you’re juggling so if you’re out looking for wedding dresses, you want to make sure you are going somewhere that will be of use to you!

Don’t always trust websites for bricks-and-mortar stores – especially if they are small businesses. They aren’t always kept up-to-date with the latest information on what is being stocked. Call ahead to make sure they stock the style of dress you have in mind in the size that you think you will need.

Do Your Research

Something every woman can relate to is having an item in her wardrobe she was talked into by a pushy salesperson and never wears. Do not let this be the case when it comes to your wedding dress!

Make sure you have an idea of what styles will suit your figure best, and why. For example, mermaid style wedding dresses are very flattering for women with plus size hourglass or pear-shaped figures; however, for women with more of an apple shape, A-line plus size wedding dresses will be much more flattering.

If you have done the research about what will suit your figure before your feet hit the pavement, you will be in a much stronger position to stand up to bossy salespeople trying to shift excess stock on to you – forewarned is forearmed!

Don’t Put It Off

It doesn’t matter if you are a petite or plus size bride, chances are you might be putting off shopping for wedding dresses until something changes with your figure. It’s crazy, but very few women are happy with how they look, and brides are notorious for trying to achieve a mental image of what a perfect figure is.

If you are shopping for plus size wedding dresses, it is even more crucial to get on top of it as quickly as possible. There isn’t as much availability as so-called regular sizes, and you may need to allow time for a seamstress to make changes to your dress, so it fits perfectly.

Comfort Is Key!

The last, but most important tip we have for you is to make sure you choose a wedding dress that is comfortable. Whichever way you look at it, your wedding day is going to be a long day, and the last thing you want to be worried about is whether your tummy looks flat.

Make sure you choose a gown that flatters your figure, but covers up or detracts from areas you are not comfortable with so you can enjoy your day worry free!


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