Top 4 Tips for POS System in Singapore

If you’re running any sort of sales or service business, chances are that you will need a point of sales (POS) system in Singapore. POS systems help you and your staff keep track of sales, customer orders and your inventory. These systems make everything from product sale to restaurant management easier and quicker, and have mostly replaced the traditional manual cash register.

There are many POS systems in Singapore, and while many of them are well adjusted and well developed, choosing one might be difficult as most new businesses don’t know what to look out for. As most POS systems in Singapore perform almost the same functions, many businesses often do not consider much before randomly picking one, however, this could lead to future problems and inconveniences.

These are a few good tips to follow while looking for a POS system in Singapore:

  1. Look for a system with good customer service

Yes, while you’re striving to provide your customers with good service, it’s important that you get good customer service too. It’s recommended that you find a POS system in Singapore that can provide you with good after sales service, especially when you’re working in the sales or the F&B sectors.

Any downtime for your POS system could mean a loss of sales, or a major inconvenience to a lot of your customers, which is something you, as a business, will definitely want to avoid. As such, making sure that the POS system in Singapore that you pick has prompt customer service that can aid you in case your system fails.

  1. Pick a system that can fit your needs

Not all businesses require the same functions, and certain POS systems in Singapore are not as flexible as others. So unless you have highly specialised needs and already have a system that perfectly fits your business needs, it’s always best to find a POS system that is flexible, so you can add and tweak it to fit your business needs perfectly.

  1. Pick a system with good security

With a POS system, you won’t just be dealing with cash. It’s very likely that you’ll also be dealing with NETS payments and credit cards as well. That means your system’s security is of the utmost importance to you and your customers.

Picking a POS system with good security will pay off in the long run, as credit card fraud and other scams are on the rise, a well secured POS system will protect your business and your customers.  Data encryption is definitely something you’ll want your POS system to feature!

  1. Pick an easy to use system

Now, this might sound like a no brainer, but you’ll be surprised by the number of businesses who get over the top, complicated POS systems! The more difficult a system is to use, the more time you have to spend training your employees to use it. It’s also more likely for employees to make mistakes and for complications to arise. As such, easy to use systems not only make it easier for you to teach your employees, it also helps streamline your customer’s experience, as they’re able to checkout and pay faster!

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