Top Reasons As To Why You Should Immediately Quit Smoking!

Though puffing at a cigarette can give a real high and relax you at moments of stress, still it is to be noted that the chemicals in tobacco are very hazardous to health. Once you get into this habit, it is difficult to get out of it. As a result, you succumb to various types of health problems that cannot be easily eliminated. Many of the treatment processes for diseases caused by smoking are strenuous, painful and also very expensive, giving you so much trouble for enjoying that smoke which you so much needed during various times of the day.

Reasons to Wake Up About Smoking and Why You Should Quit It

The primary cause for avoiding smoking is cancer, which is a debilitating disease. You lose out all control over your body and also life when this health issue strikes. The primary type of cancer that can occur is that of the lung, but you can also succumb to other types such as cervix, colon, stomach, bladder etc. The treatment process for any type is lengthy and elaborate.

Smoking affects the lung which is the primary reason for you to avoid it.  Continuous smoking take a toll on the lungs which eventually leads to a disease spreading across them or their breakdown, which ultimately causes serious health issues.

Heart disease is another reason why you should quit smoking. Those who smoke are at a high risk of getting this problem than those who do not. When heart problems strike they can be very difficult to deal with as you need to take medication or undergo surgery. Various treatment processes can be emotionally difficult to deal with and painful physically to undergo.

Smoking leads to problems in digestion which is a situation that really affects your everyday life. Imagine eating foods that you really like, but due to lack of digestion, you land up slowly avoiding them and as a result lose weight or succumb to other health problems.

Various types of dental problems can arise from smoking such as cavities, build up of plaque around the teeth, teeth discoloration, all of which show your personality in a poor form. Treating such problems can be very difficult as they will require several visits to the dentist and if the underlying cause of the problem which is your smoking habit is not curbed, the dental problem will reoccur.  You can also succumb to mouth and pharynx cancer.

One of the worst health problems caused by smoking is that it can bring down body immunity. As a result, you succumb to infections and diseases more often, which can put you off work and make you inactive for day. Imagine succumbing to the flu or getting fever frequently, would not that lead to worsening health situations.

With smoking, your body shows signs of aging faster and you can see wrinkles and lines coming on the face as well as other parts of the body faster. The skin starts to get a leathery texture and look unhealthy. When you smoke certain biochemical reactions inside the body will speed up the aging process.

Those who smoke are at the health risk of brittle bones or osteoporosis. Initially the problem starts with just pain then it moves onto fractures and very complicated bone problems that cannot be resolved.

One of the biggest problems that smoking can cause is dangers to those around you. People you love and those who have been living with you for years are at risk of getting serious health problems due to passive smoking. The health risks to those living with you are the same as what you succumb to through smoking.

There are so many steps that you can take to quit smoking such as opting thinking of something else or doing a task when the need to smoke arise. Some take to using e-cigarette which gives the same feeling gained from a smoke.  These actions are n as effective as when you control your mind or counsel yourself on how better life will be when you quit smoking.

Think to yourself how much happier you are as person who has quit smoking, as you will not be indulging in the habit at all. You can socialize easily, no need to spend money on buying cigarette packs, no bad breath and you find many people getting closer to you than avoiding you.   Many deadly diseases and illnesses that can affect you through tobacco can be avoided, when you quit smoking. Imagine not having to put up with visits to the doctor for flu or a fever or perhaps going to the dentist or worse visit the doctor for a serious health problem caused by smoking. Wouldn’t that give a sounder and more peaceful state of mind?

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