Who is a flower girl and what is the tradition behind it?

In every wedding you go you must have seen a beautiful little girl walk after the bridesmaids and she also has a little basket consisting of flower petals in it and while she walks down the aisle she throws the petals in the air well that is a Flower girl. A flower girl is basically the part of the tradition in the wedding ceremony and without a flower girl, the ceremony seems all empty. Anyone from the family and friends can be a flower girl. The reason why the flower girl is there is that she welcomes the bride and introduces her to the audience. By the appearance of the flower girl, we know that the bride is just about to arrive so in a way she announces the arrival of the bride. Sometimes the flower girl walks along with the Paige boy who is the ring bearer of the wedding. There is a very detailed history about the flower girls in their cute little flower girl dresses and how this tradition came into existence and then how it evolved. So given below is the detailed history about the flower girls.

Roman era

In the Roman era, the virgins used to carry the sheaf of wheat down the aisle before the bride and it represented that it will bring prosperity to the life of marrying the couple and it is like good luck for them. Back then there was no label on this tradition like today we call such girls flower girls.


During the Renaissance, the flower girls now carried the strands of garlic and it was believed that this will repel the evil and bad from their life and this belief was based on the fact that in some cultures it is believed that garlic repels the evil spirits.

Elizabethan era

In this era, the tradition of flower begun but it was a little different from what we practice now. They used to carry the flowers and rosemary leaves in a bride’s silver cup and would scatter them from home all the way to the church. If not the cup then a small bouquet containing rosemary leaves too.

Victorian Era

In the Victorian era, the girls started wearing the white dresses with a silk or satin sash and they would carry flower petals or a floral ring or hoop that resembles the wedding ring. By the hoop, it also meant that love means no end. The toddler flower girl dresses in that time were usually made of muslin and were simpler so that they can be used in future too.

Royal influence

Now just like we see in royal weddings having more than one flower girls and Paige boy have become a tradition and they usually come together too. In the modern time, people are not limited to the flower petals but flower girls also carry the lanterns, seashell, confetti or anything that fits with the wedding theme.

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