Wrist Joint Replacement Surgery Through Ortho Implant

Wrist arthroplasty in the wrist is a less common than hip or knee replacement but can be an option if you have painful arthritis that does not respond to any other treatments.

The damaged parts of the wrist bones are removed and replaced with orthopedic implants in the wrist arthroplasty. Wrist replacement surgery may help to retain or recover wrist movements. It may also improve the ability to perform daily activities, especially if there is arthritis in the shoulder or elbow.


Wrist arthroplasty can be done as an outpatient procedure, unlike a knee or hip replacement. Wrist replacement surgery is often combined with other procedures to correct disorders or deformities in the tendons, thumb, small joints of the fingers, or nerves. A small incision is made on the wrist’s back. The damaged ends of the lower arm bones are removed as well as the first row of carpal bones may also be removed. The radial component of the prosthesis is inserted into the radius bone’s center on the outside of the lower arm. It is held in its position with the help of bone cement. Depending on the design of component, the carpal component is then inserted into the center of hand bone or screwed into the remaining row of carpal bones. Bone cement may be used to hold the component in its position. The carpal bones may be fused or linked together to better secure this component. A spacer with approximate size is used between the metal components.


A cast will need to be worn for the several weeks initially. A protective splint will be needed for the next 6 to 8 weeks after the cast is removed. Although pain relief is immediate, gradual exercises will need to be done for some weeks to restore movement, and eventually to increase endurance and power.

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