What to do when you’re Kids Become Irritable during a train Journey?

Maybe you love to go on different trips and journeys, but what about your kids? Do you have kids by the way? Well, if you have then it is quite obvious that you know the stress and pain of taking them on a journey with a smile. Of course kids stay curious about things but not for long. They might sit still and happily for an hour or two but then their patience begin to run thin, now, what to do that your train journeys become comfortable and welcoming for kids? Below are a few points that might help you in keeping your children contented when you have boarded a train.

  1. Carry some toys

If you have small kids like toddlers or little older; you can always take toys to keep them distracted. If you know that your kids love to play with some specific toys then they have to be in your luggage.  You have to carry the toys that might rescue your journey from the tetchiness of your child. But hang on, you need no to hand over the toy the moment you board the train. Wait for the right time and then hand it over to him or her. Of course when you feel that the child is getting irritated at that time you should give him the toy. If the journey is really long and even the given toy has become a thing of past for your child; don’t panic. Engage your child in something else. For example how about explaining you about the games he likes or the toy he love to play with? This way your child will stay engaged.  And while they play with their toys; you can make the most of train food service for your tummy!

  1. The charm of sceneries

Well, children do get excited to see different sceneries. If your child is getting bored, tell him to simply look out of the window. Tell him that you people are playing a game and he has a role in it. You have to give an important task to your child. Simply tell him that he has to notice fifty different things that he sees outside the window. He can sit and watch out for as long as he gets the list of the things or sites he has seen. This way the time will pass quickly and he would also stay happy while he is engaged in observing the things and sites. Come on don’t miss out the importance of an incentive. Tell your child that you have exciting gifts if the child comes up with fifty different things. This way his attention would stay woven and you can relax! If you have more than one child then you can simply put them both in a bound of competition. Tell them to collect more places on their list and the winner would get an extra surprise. This way they would compete and love the competition as they would get to know about so many new things too.

So, what do you think; are these points going to fit in the puzzle of your train journey?  Try them out and you never know!

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